Resources sharing (Gold, plasteel) across characters

Suggestion to make resources shared across operatives/account wide rather than single character while keeping weapons separate similar to Vermintide.

Resources not being shared across characters result in excessive grinds for every single operative to gain basic currency. Affects casual/time limited players the most as time wise may not be viable.

Result in faster burnout of playing the game and more fatigue over period of time. Players may be unlikely to explore the game and try out many variations if they have to keep grinding basic resources with each of the four classes separately, specially when motivation to try a class isn’t there at the time.

May feel more like work rather than enjoyment of the game in regards to grinding basic resources repetitively for each class separately.


This was suggested during previous beta too. I’m seconding it. Less punishment for levelling a second character/archetype would be nice.

Eidt: I havne’t reached that far, but I hope that the weekly task are shared as well.


I agree to this too. My main gripe is the weekly currency, I know the intended want is to keep players playing as MUCH as you can, split progression over 4 characters because more to farm = more time to invest = may spend money on cosmetics/dlc.

But it also creates a ton of burnout, because you may not want to play the Veteran this week, oh well guess you lose 1500 weekly currency on him, sucks to be you if you want that nice cosmetic (since cosmetics will be a part of the buyables in the weekly currency shop).
You get punished for not wanting to play Veteran, and you may even lose interest because of it.

And by making it shared, you can play whatever class you want for the week. If you just feel like playing ogryn and psyker, well you do that. Thats 3000 currency across characters, so if there is a nice cosmetic one some day for lets say Zealot you can just get that. Instead of first needing to grind your rear off to get the currency on Zealot specifically and then buy it.
But how it is now, you have to grind 4 classes each week (which might take per class about 15 hours, no I am not joking, there is a contract that makes you win 25 games, a game takes about 20 minutes. and the “kill 500/750/1000 of X enemy” isnt any better). And on top of that grind, you need to play in a specific way to achieve it. Which is not fun long-term.

Also, that gold is also not shared makes me just not want to experiment with other weapons because “well I need to do 3 missions for this gun, do I really want to gamble on if its good or not?”.

All currencies should be shared (gold, weekly currency and whatever they add in the future), as how it is now it limits you to choose the best way and punish experimentation. It will only hurt players trying to keep playing the game to not have it shared.


+1 to this post.
It is daunting to pick a class and stick with it to the end if you have to pick one over the other, and if you want to play all of them, you are severely punished if you want to experience the fun of playing them.

Deep Rock Galactic shares the resources, Money, and Perks between characters, only the level is not, resulting in you rather leveling up the character and than redoing everything from the beginning again.



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Don’t go backwards Fatshark, do the gamer-friendly, fun-friendly move and make resources account based again like Vermintide.


The requisitorium challenges are pretty grindy, so it would be very nice if they and the currency was shared


+1 to revive this thread and make it known that the current state of the game isnt sustainable AT ALL

Just went back to playing Vermintide 2 instead of this terrible game cause of the too intense grind (already gave up at maxing my 2nd character thats level 21)

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