Sharing resources across characters

I think it’d be reasonable for money, contract coins, plasteel, and diamantine to be shared across characters.

This would make it so you’re allowed to play any character, while still possibly making headway on upgrading and buying equipment for another character.

As a side note, sharing contract coins means that players could build up significantly more contract coins a week if contracts are not shared between characters. This means more people would be class hopping, causing more diversity in classes and making sure your player base is varied.

On the other hand, if contracts are shared that now means you can play any class and make progress towards your weeklies, allowing people to play the classes they want.

In all cases they seem like a win to me.


+1 to this as well cause am already on my 2nd character and I stopped playing the game with how much grind it that it isnt fun anymore and went back to playing Vermintide 2 cause they did it way better over there.

Dont know how you messed this up Fatshark but you already did it right before so why the change?

Agreed. I had fun levelling up all the classes in Vermintide 2 because the shared resources/progress and trinkets really incentivized me to try them out.
It’s the complete opposite feeling in Darktide. I just did all the weeklies for my main Ogryn, I have to do the same THREE more times for the other classes? All of it? And I can’t even make use of the plasteel/diamantine I collected over the past 50 hours?

Please let the resources and contract coins be account bound and shared across classes! Also let us share curios too, at the very least. That just seems like such a no-brainer and step down from Vermintide 2, to not let us have that and really makes me wanna try out other classes less and less.


This. I will not invest more time into game that wants me to waste time. I understand why items can’t be shared (there is a tone of guys like us, not only 5 characters) - it would be anti-climatic. I can live without it. But resources and weeklies? Nah, will stick to one char, one day a week. Other time will go to different games, if I want a carnage - Vermintide2 is waiting.