Crafting resources - bound to account rather than each character

I think I didn’t see it in official crafting post, nor I could find a post about it, so let me know if I’m wrong.

Will reagents used for crafting be shared between characters? I loved to switch between characters and play few missions in a different way/pattern in V2, and knowing that we can have few characters from same class present in one mission was a moment of joy.

However, now that crafting was introduced, that joy diminished when noticed that resources are not shared. I could go with the credits/gold, however the currency is properly called, but crafting materials? In Vermintide we could swap equipment between chars and here being limited to current one is, well, limiting to a point of robbing us out of fun.

The whole point of game, in my opinion, is to be able to join group with friends, and play whatever fits the group comp and or current mission, yes? Now, if we have to grind mats to be on competitive gear level on every single character… that’s the opposite of fun.

Right now, I have 2 characters on lvl 30 and I feel compelled to run missions with only one, in order to be able to use the crafting station once it fully goes live. Now, again, that’s opposite of fun and I lost interest in doing it after just few games, because thet’s an errand, not a “free choice”.
The feeling of being left out with character building options is enormous, because the shop rng provides (mostly) crap items with lower power level than I already unlocked and it takes several hours and shop rotations to actually find something with higher power level (not to mention if it’s even useful - another autogun ).

So, all in all, will resources be shared between characters or are we being pushed into grinding which automatically makes playing multiple chars way less attractive? I have one job already and have no intent of having another one after hours just to unlock fun on other characters, however drastic it may sound.

Will crafting recourses be available across characters or do we have to farm it on each character which artificially prolongs progress and time spent in the game?


This is 100% the primary reason they have gone with this route and its actually so disrespectful to the players time. I dont think they realize that people are gonna quit the game rather than spend another 150 hours gearing our their other 3 careers once after they finish their first career. If that change doesnt come on launch they are going to lose players very quickly


I get what you are saying but the people that will start fresh, at lvl 1, by the time they’ll reach 30, they’ll be sitting on a nice pile of mats.

There are some people that got 2 or even 3 characters to lvl 30 before the crafting system was implemented, thus having to just play for mats.

But people that start from scratch, get to lvl and gather mats in the process.

Again, i get what you’re saying. VT2 had the mats and even trinkets and some weapons shared between characters, tied to the same account.

There is always a posibility that they will make things right in the near future.

Well yeah, new characters do have a pile of mats, but still, rough estimate is that it will cover just few crafts, upgrades, and so on.

But still, I wanted to find out if there was any official info about that matter, as I couldn’t find any.

I think there are plenty of people, Tide veterans, who are used to shared materials and one of main points why we loved the games - flexibility in freely doing what we like.

Giving us possibility to play multiple same classes in one game was a huge step forward. Limiting crafting by dividing crafting into specific char is just unreasonable, imho.

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Yeah crafting resources and weekly stuff should be account bound otherwise you can’t level up alts without living in the game and I don’t think it’s possible to do big weekly quests with 4 characters and have them all geared up equally .