The "Shared inventory" idea

So i was thinking about this and how people have suggested that sharing character resources across accounts would suddenly fix the issue of always never having enough materials for crafting, when in reality (after maybe 2 minutes of thinking about it) it would only be a short term solution and then an even larger problem.

Lets say for instance in this proposed perfect world you had about 300 for each character plasteel account wide, and you wanted to upgrade a sword to gold tier on your zealot. Well great news, that 300 plasteel on each guy adds up to 1200 plasteel, you can definitely do that upgrade! Now you want to upgrade your ripper gun on your ogryn, well damn looks like you dont have enough cause you upgraded with another character. The issue then becomes extended because you can only gather resources in mission and a fairly small amount as well. The shared resources worked fine in vermintide cause of the steady flow of weapons and equipment you could recycle for resources, when in this game you have to physically find each node of plasteel and diamantine.

Arguably the best solution would be to give resources upon recycling weapons according to the tier of weapon acquired, and maybe decrease the cost of things.

But what do i know, i don’t make video games.

I do not think that anyone suggesting a shared inventory across all characters, missed the „issue“ that if you spend your resources, they will be gone.

One reason for people wanting a shared inventory is, because if the characters have separate inventories, you will have resources lying around on some of them, which you might not need (anymore or at that specific point in time). Also, maybe people like to play multiple classes (gaining resources with all of them) but want to mainly invest in one of them.
Or if you have all your characters maxed out and a shitton of mats lying around and then a new class is released and although you have thousands of mats already, you can not use them and have to go farm again.

Fair enough, i was looking at it from the perspective of a player who has already hit endgame.

Like the idea seems like it would actually end up hurting endgame players in the long run

If the inventory was not shared, you would have 1200 currency lying around, not being able to spend it on anything because each character only has an amount that is too small. If it is shared, now you can actually use the currency to upgrade at least one weapon.
Your „issue“ only arises if someone is not able to comprehend the idea that a resource is gone, once it is spent.

This does not make sense either, since the small amount of resources you gather per mission does not change depending on the resources being account wide, or per character. Since the method of resource acquisition would be unaffected, i do not understand why you would even bring this up.

ESPECIALLY for people who have played for a while, a shared inventory would be beneficial, since at that point, some characters will not need any of the resources anymore, meaning that any further time played on that character would produce resources that go to waste as they won’t be used.

I have no idea how, but you somehow got the entire thing backwards.


yeah no i did i’ll admit when im wrong, u put this very well

It is, if your aim is to make as much money as you can from a project you’ve given up hope on. You’ll rush it to release as long as it’s halfway playable, make sure there’s a way for people without impulse control to buy premium stuff, and create a series of systems that keeps the same sort of people playing for as long as possible with the minimum effort required, while doing damage control to keep the public appearance decent enough not to hurt sales.

Of course, that could never happen with DT, could it?