There's nothing to do in the endgame

Spend time at the casino trying to get “perfect” weapons. That isn’t enticing you? :stuck_out_tongue:


The game badly needs either a new difficulty (maybe several) or a way to manually add conditionS to increase difficulty.

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ah the mythical “endgame” in gaming. When you guys find out what it means for everyone, please let me know. We will make a killing on selling that formula!

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Even if the red gear just meant 400 base rating with everything at 80% I’d be fine, just so I didn’t need to worry and could potentially upgrade anything with a good perk + blessing combo to max stats would be a great start.

Regarding difficulty…

I’d actually like to see something like a “hardcore” or “plus” toggle that you could turn on and apply to any difficulty level. This could do some version of the following:

  • Raise base damage dealt by enemies and enemy Hit Points
  • Enable friendly fire (yes; I know… wouldn’t do full damage though)
  • One less wound (so on damnation you go down immediately without a +1 wound curio)
  • special Enemies only stay tagged if at least one teammate has line of sight
  • Maybe other stuff

The idea being you could apply the above to any difficulty and thereby also create an intermediate step between two normal difficulties.

I know FF would be a nightmare, but it really bothers me, coming from VT2, that you can indiscriminately fire into your front line melee players without consequence. It makes ranged heavy careers (aka vets) even stronger while robbing frontline players of their forte and ability to regen toughness. FF really needs to happen IMHO.


Oh yes…laughs in psyker:



Guess that’s it. You seriously beat the game. This is the fully released game that Fatshark wanted. There is literally nothing else. You either run the same 5 maps over and over or just quit.


Well lets make it fast and tell you the truth. If you feel that there is nothing more to do and you consider your play style of the so called ‘‘endgame’’ as perfect. If you can not enjoy the endless game circle of a Tide game.

Then this type of game is just NOT FOR YOU. Sorry to say it that way, but you are not the type of players for this type of game. Then you are like people who buy every new Fifa game. Even when it is still the same game, just with different teams.

Tide games are looper games. No matter how much maps, sub-classes and weapons will come in the future. There will always come the point, where you have everything at max. AND THAT is the time, where a Tide game enjoyer starts to really enjoy the game. THAT is the moment when he uses every loop of the maps he played for hundreds of hours, to actually sharpen his personal play style.
Where he gets better and better and still has fun in every mission.

I disagree. Vermintide 2 didn’t have all this crazy RNG. “Tide games” can’t define the genre by being a looter shooter. Otherwise it would be a looter shooter. If you’re making up a new genre it has to be something new.

For comparison, I could get all perfect weapons for all characters in VT2 in 600-800 hours. Perfect weapons are impossible in darktide 2.


What are you talking about now? The topic was, that he has everything at max and is now bored of the game loop.

And 380% are the max right now for weapons.

Its on the shelf for me, try Vermintide 2 if you have an itch.

He doesn’t have “perfect” just good enough. My point was the intention to have players play forever to chase unobtainable perfect items isn’t working, and that allowing easier ways to change blessings/perks on weapons would allow greater interest in playing and trying different weapons, load outs, and even characters. (Ie more time spent in “end game”)


well if its fun then play , if its not then do something else for a while and see if stuff that intersts you gets added?

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I agree 100%. I also played VT2. Darktide endgame (I could provide a simple definition of endgame, but that’s not the point of this thread) is lacking, and we need Fatshark to do something about it or even more players will give up on this game.

I don’t intend to offend anyone. Please read OP before you post.


Or if they could re-introduce something like the original (hyper-)twitch integration. I really enjoyed having all that random bs added to the regular game. I’m not much for boosting numbers (edit: e.g. healt, resistance, etc.) but I really like adding a bit of chaos.


I am doing exactly that. I was talking about what is now present in Darktide.
I wanted to spark the discussion about the endgame, when desired build is built and characters maxed, what to do next and how little there actually to do

I hope Fatshark will be thinking about it too when discussing future content of the game

Damnation dificulty equivalent = dificulty between champion and legend in Vermintide 2, increased dificulty will for sure gief reason to play.

I woud like to see:
-Increased game dificulty (current max one is not challanging enough)
-More battle conditions
-More missions, and missions not only based into hive city, for example go on agri-world infested by tyranids and grab somehting important for current inquisition, we got Warpship no one planet shoud be only destination.
-More lore
-More stuff to work on (achivments, ship decorations, more room unlocks etc)
-More different cosmetic (for example not all hats for zealot shoud be psyhopath caps, use lore and imagination there)
-Weapon locks removed
-Weapon mods mods customisation added (so you choose to put light or bayonete on your rifle)
-Progression systmem which record when you go overlevel than unlock some cosmetics etc.
-Chance for skin drops from missions


There are a few good ideas they could do but for now it does really seem like “yep, that’s it”.

One idea i had was adding a last stand mode.

That way you have a potentially endless game mode where things keep ramping up and ramping up until you literally cannot deal with hordes or anything they throw at you anymore.

Adding more battle conditions would be cool but i think the current mission board either needs to go entirely or needs an overhaul where the missions popping up are special contracts and you can pick whatever you want.

Edit: I think the above point has been proven somewhat be the inclusion of shock trooper gauntlet. A lot of people are mad that Hi Damnation seems to be gone and they can’t get the modifiers they want and as a result are kind of stuck with what the board give them. In theory being able to mix and match would be nice however in practice the current mission board just does not work with this system.

Another option would be adding a DRG style weekly mission called a Hive Expedition where it’s 3 missions back to back with extra hard modifiers and you keep your current hp / ammo / grenades / status between missions and each mission has a set modifier / extra objectives before you can leave (maybe on top of doing the main objective you need to kill x number of mutants or find a certain amount of pastel) and completing the 3 mission run nets you a large pile of resources, a high level emperors gift, and maybe something else.

Going along that same idea Payday 2 has a crime spree which is another string mission style system that keeps stacking modifiers and enemy changes in a similar style to Chaos Wastes until you cash in.

There is a lot that they could do but overall it’s just not a whole lot in currently.


Bruh… DarkTide full of end game content! Look at mine…

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It’s crazy. I love the concept of darktide so so so so much, but I just can’t play it. I’ve played all the maps 10+ times. I don’t wanna restart on a new class, I just want more content.

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