There needs to be some sort of penalty for quitting early

I’ve played 20 or so veteran missions and only completed about 2 because of early quitting of the host. The last one i played, the host left while the rest of the team was in the Bridge of Shadows because none of us wanted to risk failing the mission to kill the rat troll at the end. I really like this game but it’s becoming less fun and more tedious trying to level up on playing just recruit level which I’ve had early quitting on as well.

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Just dont care about the quickplay bonus and host games by yourself.

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As Darth Angeal said, host your own games. And one more tip:
If you still want to get the QP-Bonus as host, start to host a game in the keep and as soon someone joins you quit the search and start to queue up for Quick Play. So you will be host and have the QP-Bonus.


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This is kind of a big “FU” to people using the lobby browser though. “Quickplay games” are displayed like custom games: the randomly rolled map (eg. “Into the Nest”) is displayed as the current map from the moment you host the game. Consequently people joining via lobby browser will naturally expect that the map advertised in the lobby will be started and not rerolled after a certain condition has been met. If this behavior gets prevalent it will result in bad UX for people using the lobby browser.


Had this some times, just leave and go on. You still have to accept the QP game.
Yeah it’s 1 min wasted time , but i don’t even like that “abuse” and i leave for free, just because ppl can’t give a sheep on a useless bonus.
Some days i started a map… 3 normal randoms joined, we finished the map, everyone got his loot. I told them: " I go for some maps for okri, so it’s up to you to stay/leave guys. There won’t be a quickplay bonus."
Our HM got the best answer ever:
“I prefer a complete run. QP-bonus don’t work if you fail.”
All 3 stood into the lobby. I switched between my careers and maps and we got 6/7 finished, until someone had to gone to bed. Best experience ever… normal ppl, no crying, good teamplay, and nobody gave af about QP-bonus for more useless loot. They got their finished runs and i got a lot of okri done. Everyone was happy, even my friendlist.

I think penalties are ok for early leaving but not if it’s cause it’s a Steam Disco or a Provider Disconnect it’s not ok to give penalties.

If the player use leave party or the quit game button.

For example you are the Host in the game you become a call a accident with your Mother involved . You must go or you wanna tell no I can’t come cause I get penalties. That’s not so easy.

I play 900h and more and my host disconnect or leaving is only maximum 2 percent. More problem are the rage quitters I think.

We need dedicated servers or checkpoints for host transmission.

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