Can this game stop punishing QP mid mission joiners?

Join a QP mission

Watch my ammo and HP go down to almost nothing with some nice corruption to boot

Things are bashing on my face before I have a chance to even move my mouse

Who codes this garbage and why is the game like this? Punish people for trying to help games in progress?


The even better ones are where you join into a match that is literally in a loss state so you just see a big ol’ fail screen immediately.

Game needs to end when team’s downed/dead & someone’s pinned by a dog instead of forcing them to go into a downed state for the fail screen.


Yea I’ve had this happen many times.

I’d normally agree, but earlier today I got pounced by a hound just before a drop so my team couldn’t help, and I got saved by a poxburster.

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I joined and spawned inside a crusher when he was mid-overhead as a psyker.

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Loading directly into the fail screen is pretty funny, cause you get some crafting materials for free, but you didn’t get to play.
It’s like a kick in the nuts, followed by a smooch on the cheek.



Game should give at least 2sec invuln time once you load in.

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I mean… It’s free rewards I guess :sob::sob::sob:

It’s 2 back to back loading screens worth of resources. 3 for the first game of the session.

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Once I unintentionally tanked a game by spawning in range of a demonhost.

Good stuff. :neutral_face:

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I’ll take less health and less ammo but my magazines sometimes spawning empty is a bridge too far. You’re going to spawn me into the literal thick of it without even so much as a round in the chamber. Heck no.


Or even better yet, spawning without grenades.
Since the resources you spawn with are based off of the bot you take over how am I spawning without grenades if they don’t use them???

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Yeah, the resources are based on the bot… except bots can’t hold items presently (which is why anyone who dc’s with kit has nothing when reconnecting)… having the bots retain items AT LEAST would be marginally useful(particularly when it’s a heal stimm/kit).

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