There is still space!


So what do you think? What’s on your wishlist?

I would like a map where we traverse the arena on it’s 2nd floor and go to that other temple!


Had been thinking about that in general. It would be awesome if maps had “varieties” in the sense that maybe sometimes, a map can completely change it’s objective due to something happening and Oleysa giving you a telepathic update that a more pressing matter requires your attention. Same on “Festering Grounds”, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could enter that close “mine-shaft” entrance on the lower levels after the cave when you enter the large area with all the scaffoldings? Or if the Skittergate sometimes took you somewhere else where you have to fight a different fight?

Well the fighting maps backwards that should be coming with winds of magic would be a beginning.

Now link them all together and let me go explore the city XD

It would be interesting to fight through the maps backwards. Have to change a few things around, but fun. Really hoping the night maps get added back in again soon. And I’d love some random weather in the maps, lightning, rain, fog, etc. I’d be happy with that… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, Winds of Magic will fulfill almost all your wishes to some extent :slight_smile:

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Is the other temple possibly the Shallyan Hospice from Convocation?


Yup, it’s Temple of Shallya.


…and the ritual at the end of Convocation is the under-side of Lord Gulma-kek’s tomb from Festering grounds?

I don’t think so, because the ritual circle in Convocation is hinted to be on the Bretonnian side, and the characters never mention anything like being “across the border” in Festering. That’s conjecture on my part, though.

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Well Festering ground was supposed to be about hindering a huge chaos patrol ending in the campsite.
It’s in the mountains in my opinion so I guess it’s outside on the Bretonian side.

The circle in convocation merges one of Nurgles realms with Helmgart, so what you see there is from a realm of chaos but it is possible that the obelisk of festering ground is also kind of drawn between worlds making it possible to be visible. The Ubersreik five say they attempt to summon a deamon not a chaos lord dough.

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