The Vet amo nerf hits hard in T5 mael no amo pickup condition

Just want to put it out there.

I can still do reasonable damage with limited amo but god it feels like this aura is just bad now. And it feels really bad to play.

Whenever this condition is up, people just go psykers and zealots. I usually don’t read conditions when I queue up but soon as I see 3 psykers joining, I know.

Is this what you really want FS? A map for psykers and zealots? smh


Yes… we can see.
There can only have been the handle left on your shovel by the end of 500,000 points or so of melee damage.

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Meanwhile me and the heresy bois having a fcckin field day with it

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My face when no ammo means no ammo


The problem is with the condition. Instead of “NO AMMO” it should have been “MUCH LESS AMMO”, always. It was even in deeds back in Vermintide 2 and had the same problem of being just irrelevant for some careers while pretty much killing others.

The well-deserved nerf to the aura simply highlighted how problematic that condition is. It’s just like if we had “100% INCREASED PERIL GENERATION” or “NO TOUGHNESS RECOVERY IN MELEE”. Nukes some classes out of the map, doesn’t affect others at all.


I don’t think its a really interesting condition but power sword 6 veteran has a field day here, especially with ragers no longer telecommuting in that hit to bust your chain and deactivate your sword. Besides ‘throwing knives’ which are honestly pretty ridiculous anyway I like his selection more for this nonsense…constantly proccing free grenades and voice of command is super strong.

Whether or not its ‘shooting enough’ is its own thing but a bad class in this it is not. Or anywhere really.


Should every class be equal in every map condition?


This is my favorite modifier because it lets me full melee goblin, and I find the difficulty of hard melee fights and low ammo (none if without Survivalist vet) to be some of the most fun in the game.

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“nUkEs sOmE clAssEs oUt Of tHe mAp”

You are aware that Vet can be played as an extremely strong melee character as well right?
Not every loadout has to be pewpew or ratata or even pschhh pschh. Or a psyker that only uses guns and melee?

That’s like going into the monstrous specials maelstrom with 4 builds that don’t have burst boss dps and whining that the amount of boss spawns is too high.


i agree the nerf is a bit heavy handed maybe make it a 1/2 sec cooldown but c’mon braced auto guns had infinite ammo

remove snipers and gunners form all melee make all melee great again.

Have you considered maybe you’re not supposed to play ranged only on the actual mfing “NO AMMO PICKUPS, MELEE ONLY” modifier?

And even then I just played one of these with the bolter on vet and got almost 200 elite kills and never felt like I’m out of ammo. I just melee’d whenever I didn’t need to shoot. And the bolter is absolutely not an ammo efficient weapon. It boggles the mind how you experience what you experience.

Also loling hard at the scoreboards. Simultaneously whining that the class is bad now and got nerfed too hard, meanwhile proving yourself wrong by posting 1 million damage scoreboards and vets topping “melee only” mission scoreboards. Very cool. I’m tired of this whiny vet stuff


People are discussing here why are you mad?


oh that’s the trigger

Did you have an actual counterargument or are you just gonna quote random words and emotionally whinge about them? Lobotomized behavior


Do I need to give you an actual argument when I already knew what direction you’re coming from? Enjoy your life pal.

That’s crazy how you’re basically admitting you’re mad and have nothing to refute what I said, enjoy being a whiny little guy on forums all your life. Nooo my class got nerfed it’s not fun anymore I can’t be full ranged on melee only no ammo missions anymore noooo (but still doing 1m damage effortlessly because the nerf was justified)

Thank you

No problem buddy, glad to know I hit a nerve though, your reaction says I hit the nail on the head with literally everything I said. Enjoy your last word

:rofl: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Actually I remember playing with you. You’re the guy who hangs back and makes the team wait on dropdowns as you go back to spawn doors, waiting for horde spawn for 5min+ to then solo it and pad your stats. Meanwhile team has to afk at unstartable objective while you do this. Crazy how you behave exactly like I would expect someone like you to behave, and crazy how it took your little meltdown for me to realize you’re that guy.