The Swedish Consumer Agency investigates and fines companies for false advertisement

This is what all the blustering is doomed to fail.

If this does get investigated (spoiler it won’t) all that will happen is FS will tell them there was a public beta, so the real state of the game was well known to anyone who pre-orderd it. And there is a 2 hour steam enforced refund. And FS gave refunds users who asked well past the 2 hour mark because the game was unplayable for some users due to bugs. Heck, Steam will give probably grant a refund after the 2 hour mark if they make a coherent argument. I know I have gotten a refund past the 4 hour mark. Years ago I had a low end computer and spent 4+ hours trying to get a game to run well. Took a few days and some questions but full refund.

People can complain all they want, but the correct thing for them to do was request a refund and move on. But they didn’t. They paid $40, they have at most $40 of damages (or $60 if you got the bundle) which is easily rectified if given a chance.

The whole ‘I was deceived’ is baseless. There was tons of info out there and the beta was in full public view and playable by anyone who purchased the game. There was tons of opportunity to get a refund.


Just wanna make them make the game good. If none of this works, then it doesn’t work. It’s very little effort on my part.

Speaking of which, thanks for commenting. Commenting increases visibility of this post and raises awareness on this avenue of action.

You do good work for the cause.

Me too!

Lets be real though. this won’t help, one bit. No government agency is going to force them to make the game better. Just going to waste peoples time that could better be used fixing the game.

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This will put a fire under the big wigs’ asses, probably will make them listen to the Devs.

Why you think any government agency Swedish or not would be able to put any fire into a gaming company that operated in full view of the public? You somehow think making noise in that direction would do more than fine them? Why? Swedish laws in this may be better than American but this whole route does not pass the logic test. If they are a big wig this is a nat that lights no fire and if it does push someone somewhere to do something it will be to write a report and pay damages maybe.

No, it wont.

Best case, and again, it’s not going to happen, they have a talk about refunds and FS shows all of the refunds they’ve given to people who have asked.


Seems like Fatshark would warrant an investigation. Anyone have the evidence ready?


It would be a pretty silly thing to make up. See below for complaints as of today. You’ll recognize the bottom number.

  • Date of registration (ANM year/nr)

  • Date filed

  • Counterpart + concern (listed categories to follow)
    – Agreement, price or marketing
    – Misleading marketing
    – Wrong (or faulty) or not according to what was ordered (context: the product)


Whether it does or not remains to be seen. We shall see. No one is saying they know what’ll happen. It’s just an experiment.

Because they have the lighter, and we’ll give them the sticks. Their job is to light fires, and we have plenty of fuel.

Fatshark will give you a refund if you ask.

I am saying nothing will happen and it’s a total waste of everyone’s time.

I don’t want one. There is much to improve on but I’m still playing and still having fun.

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I like how its assumed I am from the US, I am from Australia, also sorry it took so long to reply. I have better things to do these days than troll the forums on a game released a year early. I also don’t want to bother with a refund because as they know it is more of a bother to try at this point than it is to eat the cost.

Don’t forget to report it as a broken product on its Steam store page.

Because that’s what it is. The least Steam/Valve can do is put up a disclaimer on its store page if they’re not going to move it to the Early Access category where it belongs.

Slight problem with that.

Former chairman… probably holds a fair bit of sway unfortunately.

You’re right of course, but this could make things a bit warm for him. Money/connections = power.

That said, if people really want to go this route, someone needs to provide people with archives (not screenshots) of advertising. IE, They must show what was promised was actually promised.

“of for”? :thinking: Is it not photoshop?

Nah, it’s par for the course, no proofreading whatsoever.

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