The Swedish Consumer Agency investigates and fines companies for false advertisement

Here’s a link to their website. Fatshark is in Sweden.

Everyone that feels they were mislead by false advertising should file an email complaint against any Swedish company that is responsible for said false advertising. Looking at you fatshark.

Here’s a summary on what the Swedish consumer agency focuses on (curated by chatgpt).

Some key aspects of Swedish consumer protection laws include:

  1. Protection against false or misleading advertising, protection against unfair contract terms.

  2. The right to receive accurate and complete information about products and services before making a purchase.

  3. Consumers have the right to a cooling-off period during which they can cancel a purchase without penalty, and the right to return or exchange goods if they are defective or do not meet the advertised specifications.


I would rather file a complaint in my own country if I wanted to as they agreed to sell it to me they have to abide by my countries laws, I don’t have to learn their laws to know my rights, only my own.

File in both. BBB and Swedish consumer agency.

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In general there are fewer consumer protection laws in the United States than in most European countries. Also since they’re based in Sweden, having Swedish authorities bringing heat is more direct.


This is like the first rational post put forward to actually try and get FS off of their asses. Thank you OP.


And all they had to do to avoid all this nonsense was keep the “early access” label…



I’ve made a post in reddit on the topic, and linked this post as credit, if you wish for me to remove your name from that post just let me know.


read the therms and service, you agreed to get deep on already

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I heard like two days ago " warhammer community can beat a dead horse for years". only one who can put presure on FS are investors not customers you have it little twisted.

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You’re not going to undo the launch sales, which is what investors and publishers look at to gauge if a launch is successful.

A fine does undo profits.


Well if you want to punish Fatshark and take revenge it’s a good way, but i don’t think it will help Darktide become a better game tbh


Do what your gonna do, but this isn’t going to go anywhere because while it has been bad practice, I am pretty sure they stayed just on the right side of the laws or have enough lawyers and money to make the law agree with them anyways. This is a bit pointless.


If authorities are breathing down their necks they will have to waste time and money fighting them in court. I’m hoping that it’ll just be cheaper for them to be honest and open than the way they are now.

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Think that if you want. Authorities won’t even bother more than a request for information likely. Not sure how the Swedes do it, but American Authorities wouldn’t even bother that much. This isn’t a life-or-death kind of thing or so bad that it affects whole countries. Cheapest is just to ignore everything and drop the community like a rock. Only wanting to eventually have a good product will keep them here making improvements. 5 games in as far as I am aware of, and they have had this kind of thing happen each time.

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Hello, unlike 'Murica that has virtually no consumer protections. We here in Scandinavia have a rock solid consumer protection and regularly crush companies.
You should try it one day, you actually end up with gasp functional companies and products.


Thanks, and I won’t because I like working my Satellite development job. But to each their own. America despite the news is functional in certain areas. Remember America is basically 50 countries trying to agree to be one country. It’s like if all of European countries and parts of Asia all had functioning laws that agreed with each other and still protected everyone. When not everyone agrees what everyone means.

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Can anyone comprehensively tell which EULA terms (of any region) has this release violated?

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While I personally doubt this will lead to any fines, it’s not uncommon for businesses to face fines. They usually shrug them off because they don’t come close to eclipsing profits. Darktide isn’t so beyond the pale criminal Sweden will bring the company crashing down.