Did anyone at fatshark check if the predetory shop violates discrimination laws given they disportionately affect autistic users?

I’m genuinely wondering, because we know austistic people are adversly affected by things like FOMO and impulse purchases, and 2008:567 covers discrimination by orginisations, although not specifically vendors, this might not atually be legal although it’s hard to understand the nuances of a counties laws when you don’t speak the language.

If you read swedish report back: Diskrimineringslag (2008:567) Svensk författningssamling 2008:2008:567 t.o.m. SFS 2022:848 - Riksdagen

Yes, I have emailed both the Edinburgh consolate and one of stockholms discrimination bureaus, I’m that peeved.


Well according to that document, I can’t read Swedish…

I’m gonna bet if no one buys anything from it for a month it will be redesigned to not be predatory.

Kinda thinking we should all run default prison garb until the shop is better.


I hate it but I’ll join with your prison garb meat shield.


Every post I see by you OP is so hostile. If you are that upset with the game, just return it. Though I am sure all the autistic people are praising you for Championing their cause for their own good. (Or you are just looking for something else to complain about.)


Only the ones with traction, I’ve posted six bug reports, I gave detailed feedback in the beta taking over an hour to write, was rewarded with this bull.

I want the godamn game to be good, fair, and sucessful, why is that so aweful of me?

Also I’m Scottish we’re pretty agressive.


Go play the game instead of coming here.


I don’t think lawsuits have been filed before using that argument so I doubt Fatshark or Tencent or whichever pack of miscreants okayed the shop cares. And if it were challenged in Sweden they would probably rather just not sell the game in Sweden rather than make a shop that isn’t awful.

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Someone explain how this cosmetic shop is… predatory and what does autism have to do with anything related to this game and its cosmetic shop.

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The shop with its premium currency is using several dark patterns. I think it is not illegal per se (at least most of the EU), but it is a shady business practice.
It has NO use for the customer and acts only as psychological manipulation.

Vermintide 2 was great in that regard:

  • sales, not only timed skins
  • no paid premium currency, everything had real money prices (or used Schilling)
  • because it used real money, no money was “left” after a purchase, so one did not need to get more to use it all up (unlike now, most packs have less or more Aquilas in it as are needed to buy a skin, so one needs several packs and/or has some Aquilas left at the end (aka spent more money as he needed to))

The shop uses a lot of tactics that are known to be scummy and have been used in shitty F2P games and mobile games for a decade at this point.

Timers on “deals”: encourages people to make snap decisions and think less about what they actually want to buy. Meant to target people with worse impulse control or FOMO (fear of missing out).

Using a premium currency to buy skins instead of just selling skins directly: this one doesn’t target anyone in particular. It just puts a mental layer of decision making between your money and the product you’re buying, which encourages a lot of people to buy more and allows them to have higher prices without turning off customers. There is a different effect when you read “2100 Aquilas” versus “12 dollars USD”.

Selling premium currency in “packs” that are just slightly too low to actually buy anything that has a price close to it. This isn’t even a psychological trick, it’s just a shitty way to force people to buy the more expensive currency pack if they want the skin instead of letting them purchase the exact amount they need.

Nothing here is illegal so far as I can tell, just dishonest and weaselly. It’s purely just little tricks that try and encourage people to spend more than they otherwise would. The OP is arguing that autistic people are more vulnerable to this kind of stuff, which is probably true but not something anyone’s filed a lawsuit over (yet).


If you really wanna shake things up, get everyone wearing the green prison outfit and laugh as your whole team starts swinging at eachother every time a horde appears.


Blue, its always the blue garb i end up swinging at especially when it is someone with a bad hair style.

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All marketing is predatory, that’s just how the world works.

Catch up or get left behind :older_adult:

all comrades are equal, but some are more equal than others.


Isn’t this a purely neurotypical trait seen in those who are oversocialized? Keeping up with the Joneses? Total opposite of autism.

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Don’t ask me, I’m not an autism expert lol. If you could read swedish maybe OP could help you



Should be illegal!


I don’t see any reason why this would be the case, do you have something to back that belief up?

Being pressured to buy something by the chance you’ll lose the ability to do so in the near future doesn’t seem like a behaviour that would be missing in people with autism or any other non neurotypical population.

I don’t think there’s much reason to believe autism gets rid of the desire to look good or access things you think will be fun. People with autism can have (and often do) the same anxieties around socialising and fitting in as anyone else. Seeing something that you think you want, seeing that others already have something that you want, and seeing that the thing you want is only available for a limited time can cause stress I think mostly everyone is impacted by to at least some degree.

This is all assuming we’re talking higher functioning or milder cases of course, I do imagine it could get a bit complex otherwise.

Edit: should clarify I’m not talking in support or against OPs argument

This is a pretty tasteless comment man.

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