The (SOUND) volume of ragers and crushers needs to go way up

The new director has been going nuts with spawning tons of ragers and crushers behind you for some reason. It seems kinda silly that if an angry yellow hobo in rags spawn his yelles can be heard in the five neighbouring sectors and his steps shakes the very ground. A 1,5ton ironclad todler with an equally heavy “hammer” made from rebar and rockcrete however, makes as much noise as a ratlin peeing on cotton, despite the fact that there’s often 3 of them at once.

There are many lines of dialogue that mentions ragers as noisy so imagine my surprise when 4 of them sneak up behind be and only start their heretical ravings when they’re close enough to use those two axes to turn me into a poor imitation of a grox’s unmentionables.

Can we turn the volume of the actual killers up a bit? Or maybe turn down the choir of juiced up ogryn impersonators, so I can stand a chance of audibly identifying the threats being spawned in behind me?

Edit: Hopefully the Title isn’t misleading anymore.


So prenerf assail and voidstrike don’t seem such OP now huh?

Fatshatk, pls nerf Ogrin’s shield like x3 or something. It is too effective against crushers and ragers.

Do it!

I was concerned this was a troll post given the director adjustments.

Glad to see you mean sound.


yeah, maybe edit the title of this to say “the sound volume”? Also I agree with you


Fresh off a run ended by Stealth Crushers right up our backside, I couldn’t agree more :smiley:


I read “volume” as in numerical spawn rate. But yes. They are WAY too quiet. Why can’t I hear them?


It’s a problem across the board right now with elites and specials. Fatshark somehow broke the sound a couple patches back, so now stealth crushers/maulers/trappers/etc are not uncommon.

In short, it’s head on a swivel time.


Tell the truth I’m having problems hearing a bunch of stuff in the sound scape. It’s become a real problem when I’ve been relying on the cue during hordes of events.

I know for a fact I haven’t modified my sound settings but everything is so hard to hear now.

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Where does this post mention anything at all about psykers, assail and voidstrike?

If you absolutely want to bring it up, read my post again. The whole point is that even if you have those tools they wouldn’t matter because the director spawns heavy treats very close to you with no audible warning. If there was one thing I learned during the last couple of patches, it’s that most psykers would direct their attention almost exclusively to enemies that were already being dealt with (probably by another psyker) and then explode when they inevitably panic from being attacked in the rear.

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What are you even talking about, man?

you know exactly what im talking about as its pretty clear what i meant, the OP already changed it like I suggested as well

Agreed, too many times im focusing on what’s infront of me only to be jumpscared by crushers from behind from a room that we just cleared.

you’d think they’d be making at least some noise with all the tons of heavy plate armor they’re wearing.

I missed the pre-edit, so I’m not sure what it was about.

During mixed hordes, there is definitely an issue with quiet Crushers and Maulers spawning behind or on top of you.

Crushes’ entire sound needs to be changed so that each stride they take shakes the ground and clinks the armor.

I’m a 37-year-old male, 178 cm tall, and 72 KG, and my footsteps can be heard even when I’m walking, but an Ogryn clad in a tin-can armor is as silent as Garett in the Thief games?

Also, when Crushers and Bulwarks die, when they hit the ground, there is a sound of footsteps for a couple of seconds even after their death and even that sound is too quiet!

During death, the Ogryn’s fall like a log and how heavy is an Ogryn? About 1 ton without the armor and weapons?

The whole ground beneath your feet should tremble.

Darktide is great, but sometimes I feel like Fatshark should have been a bit more stingy with getting the details right.

The footsteps from a 1 ton big man does not sound like the steps of my 8 year old son.


To deal with unexpected treats you need powerful and reliable tools of war.

I bet these soundless spawns are intentional to increase difficulty. I agree it is the wrong way to do that, but maybe it wouldn’t frustrate too much if you had quick and powerfull responce to such treats.

This is why I talk about recent nerfs.
You see these things all interconnected…

Sorry I expected too much from you by not explaining this with my first comment.

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I dunno looks like sound engine can’t handle ammount of specials/elites. Remember silent 10 poxbursters wave, oof.

Meanwhile mute waves conditions is annoying cause almost full run you hear only AAAAAAA shout.

Maybe they should add pack sound cues like the did with dogs, if spawn director is gonna drop more than “x” number of specials/elites at once.


CW’s for example.

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Yeah, they definitely need to boost the sound by a lot, the chaos warriors from VT2 were perfect, idk why they didnt just reuse the sound profile for that


Most V2 elites also have very telling vocal cries when they’re nearby. Darktide enemies are less chatty as a whole which contributes to the issue.

I’m also not hearing horde music at all until I’ve already been flanked and like 5 seconds have already passed. A little too late at that point.

I beg your forgiveness of mighty lord of the edge! I flog myself, for my rotten brain could not interpret your unwritten word. I beg of thou, explain with what counter do you respond after being hit in the back by 3 overheads from crushers you had no chance of seeing or hearing?

I suppose your massive intellect allows you some degree of foresight, that makes you able to predict every movement in the game with the need for visual or audible cues. I’ll wager you’ve never even been hurt in this silly game before.

Once again I must beg your bearded beneficence to forgive my humble being for writing such dribble. If thou hast the mental fortitude to scroll through the rest of the comments you’ll be able to amuse yourself at the sight of others in agreement with me. Other degenerate beings that grovel in the dirt beneath your monstrous intellect.

Jokes aside, what “quick and powerful response” are you purposing? Because neither the void staff or assail pre-nerf can deal with being hit in the back by silent elites. The whole bloody point of those weapons are that they can deal with the enemy before they close on your position.

No doubt you’ve already noticed, but “you see these things all interconnected…” isn’t a proper sentence (you’re missing a word). So quit the moustache twirling.

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