The received frames on Bardin disappeared!

I completed the task for the portrait frames for the Engineer and got them. I was able to use it, played it, then left the game.
The next day, I went in and found that they just disappeared from the list of portrait frames, but the task itself is listed as completed.
What should I do about it?

If you have any mods on, disable them for the present moment (they’re buggy), then verify the integrity of the game files.
That should work.

Not work. Are there any other ways?

This might provide answers -

"The most common reason this occurs is due to a miscommunication in our backend, which results in DLC ownership not being recognized correctly (purchased items are considered to be DLCs, too). This means that any items or Shillings belonging to a DLC will appear to be missing. "

@FatsharkJulia might be able to help more than me.

PS- the word “recognized” is spelt wrong, it has a S instead of a Z.


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