KNOWN ISSUE: Some Portrait Frames Appear Missing

We are aware of an issue introduced with the Necromancer update causing some portrait frames to appear to be missing.

Please be assured that your portrait frames are not missing, but are currently hidden in the UI due to this bug. We are working to resolve this soon!

Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

We will be merging any existing posts relating to these issues here, to help us monitor the situation.

Hotfix 5.1.1 has gone live which should now resolve this issue.

Please see:

I have the update and nothing has happened i’m still missing Frames and Cosmetics even the some Base Cosmetics like Helms, Clothing ect.
I play Mainly Offline and this issue has persisted for a few months.
May you help me?
My PSN Is: Deathcat9
I play on PS4.

Hi @Deathcat9,

What you describe is another known issue. We’re still currently working to resolve this.

Please see:

Thank you for your patience.

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