The Pit - Storehouse defense event

The upper floor is a problem. It’s far too easy to defend and it usually causes people to ignore the windows entirely. Instead of a desperate defense of a building that’s falling apart around you, you’re upstairs standing at a ledge spamming M1 until the game tells you you’ve done it for long enough. Yawn.

translated: “the upper floor is a problem, because i have already scouted the entire area from my previous playthroughs and determined that it is the most defensible area, i would rather have an area with no walls and enemies coming at you from every possible angle and above and below too, why not throw in bosses and specials, but even then it would be too easy, because i am so awesome, yawn”


Slightly off topic but has anyone been able to do the Legend challenge for this?
The do not let any barricades get destroyed one?

Yes, but I got lucky because the game bugged out and no hordes spawned during the event. However, my friends and I tried to do it legit and almost accomplished it. So I do think it’s do-able, but you have to talk through a strategy, have the proper classes at certain windows because more mobs spawn at certain areas, and you have to have the right load-out and be communicating.

Personally, I think this challenge (like many challenges) are way too difficult and poorly constructed, but then again, thinking things through has never been Fatsharks best trait.

There’s a bug someone told me about, if you get a boss right before the defense event, use shade or HM and go invisible. Apparently no hordes will spawn during the event now.

I did it before the bug. Nice team build + 6 tries :sunglasses:

I spawned into this event as the only player standing with a rat ogre mixed into the horde. Literally my first go at a HM 1h sword build. Actually managed to light the fires and kite the mobs long enough, then rezzed the others and we finished the run.

Invisibility OP.

Also I agree about the ledge in normal play, but I don’t see a way past it… Maybe a randomly placed pile of stuff blocking the more popular holdout points? Kind of like they did for righteous stand. Force people to mix it up.

Translated: “Uh oh, someone is calling out the only way I can survive a horde, better throw some hyperbole at them”.

No, this isn’t about how good you or me or anyone else is. The windows are clearly supposed to be a key feature of the event, but they get completely ignored. It’s a total waste. It makes what should be a highlight of the map into yet another ledge to stare at and slaughter defenseless hordes. So yeah, “yawn”.

LOL you are kinda calling yourself out by making this thread.

it’s an easy enough event. no specials no bosses, only elites are berserkers. windows are optional to board up. people don’t only go to the upper floor to guard, they also do it downstairs in corners. people also do board the windows up close to wherever they’re guarding. many green circle chasers would also be on the bottomfloor trying to kill everything themselves. try playing a couple legend quickplays without premades.

also, as one other guy pointed out, try actually doing the achievement of not letting any barricades get destroyed.

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