I’m sorry if i bother someone with this post but i have a simple question.Is the speedrun patched? Never done any but when i did i couldn proceed further like against the grain, after the boss spawns the door upstairs wont open.Again sorry for the people i bother

It depends on the boss. I dont do speeds runs but if memory serves Troll and Stormfiend put up walls. Rat Ogre and Chaos Spawn do not.
I would not expect this to be “fixed” as it seems to be of an intended design.

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Screaming Bell is way more suited for Speedruns: only a guaranteed Ogre which you can skip, always plenty of Ways to avoid or kite.

Against the Grain is on the other Side the worst possible Map to Speedrun with 2 Events that slow you down or even stops the whole Run if the wrong Boss Typ spawns.

You’re wrong. Screaming Bell has more possible boss spawns (3, not counting rat ogre at end, since you run past that anyway): At the 1st grim/tome, then at the statue, and also after the 3rd tome. It might even be 4, I’m not sure, but I know it is at those 3. Against the Grain only has 2 places a boss can spawn: at the first farmhouse, and at the big tree. A troll or SF that spawns at the barn-event does not put up a wall.

Against the Grain is the best map to speedrun. Highest success-chance (lowest chance of wall-bosses) and equal time to complete (between 3 and 6 minutes). Also, the tome/grim is easier to get on Against the Grain.

I thought if you had the right spawns you could do screaming bell the fastest? No end-game holdup event like Righteous stand and Convocation, also against the grain will not open the TOP door in the barn if any boss is still alive I think.

It always has when I’ve done it. Never had an issue on Grain.

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I’ve never tried it myself but have been informed the top door wont open if you haven’t killed the boss. I can see how opening cages might slow you down though.

That is false. Whoever told you that is wrong. The door opens roughly 5-10 seconds after the boss breaks through the barn. I’ve gone through it with multiple bosses chasing me.

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The end event on AtG doesn’t take that long. Also, the “right spwans” refers to speed/conc potions, and no wall-bosses. But, because SB has more boss spawns, you’re more likely to get a wall. It is also more difficult to get a grim/tome on SB.

Against the Grain is the best map to speedrun for loot. It has the least % chance of a wall, and you can always get the 2nd grim + tome, giving you a chance at soldier’s almost guaranteeing a merchant’s vault.

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Just ran a game, didn’t kill the barn-boss and the doors opened just fine. It has not patched.

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Possible Boss spawns, Aye.

I dont know if this made a difference but i play on xbox one…and on every single run when the boss comes out of the barn the door upstairs in the barn are closed

That’s probably why then… Xbox seems to be a different game when it comes to bugs. You have a few bugs we don’t have on PC and we have a few you don’t have. Probably made changes to the content and so on as well.

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Most likely…

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