Speedrunning and walls

Why there is walls on boss counters? How come speedrunning is problem they usualy have private games where they do that so they are not ruining others experience. Having those walls is removing speedrunners from playerbase = less money

They should just exponentially punish players the farther away from the group they go. If the whole group wants to speed run I don’t think there is a problem there (except maybe if it becomes too common because it’s easier/better than playing normally).

Because in the AI Director’s current form, it gets broken by speedrunning, especially past bosses. And because bosses are meant to be fought, not run away from. FS is working on ways to make pacing work better even on speedrunning, so that it still preserves the challenge. After that’s done (and tested) the can remove the oh-so-hated walls, but until that, they’ll stay.

Sorry, but I’m way too tired to even try searching for the source of this, but it may have been stated even in certain patch notes.

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to add on an explanation to this: when fighting a boss, only 1 more horde is scheduled to arrive. only after the boss dies other hordes can come. i think.

Well there might be improve to AI. Other hand its ok since there aint so much map skip as V1 where you can skip most of events just abusing terrain dodge jumping

I thought it was Not Implement for speedrunners in Generall But just for people that may play the map normaly But run past Trolls and sf in general Since they are relatively slow

Well when I tried Speedrun it happenen with everyboss so FS clearly wanted not to skip any bosses

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It originally was only for Troll and Stormfiend, but for consistency’s sake they were added to Ogre and Spawn too.

Personally, I think, especially after the player respawn mechanics were changed to accommodate this, the people who gripe about this most are the ones who want to speedrun for easy loot. If you speedrun for speedrunning’s sake, it can be done over in the Modded realm just as well, and disable Bosses entirely. And while speedrunning for loot is still legit, I consider it boring and an abuse of game mechanics.

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