Can we please get rid of boss walls?

Im doing the stupid Bog challenges and 7 games in a row, the boss bugs and falls through the ground and the F*ucking boss wall is right at the end of the map (on the pit) blocking me from finishing, do you know how much of a pain that is, coupled with the fact the challenges are dumb as all get out. Birds eye view, holy crap, what a stupid challenge, if I wanted to play a platformer I would play mario.


You know they’re optional, right?

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Well, I don’t, can U explain pls?


Sorry forgot to quote in a haste. I meant the challenges are optional, not the boss walls.

Boss walls are stupid as hell I agree. There should be other ways to stop players from outrunning bosses. Some of them are getting implemented (e.g. increased special spawning). But magical impenetrable walls of flame is a hack.

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What you think of tight ring of everage enemies as a boss wall ?
Weekest in front raw, stronger behind them etc. and some huge trolls staring from behind ))
Streetfight ring like.
Dont atack you until you atack them.
Push you back to ring without damege if you hit the ring intensionally or not.
And they shout and roar like mad in chorus before the match beginnin, “Woo!Woo!Oh!Ah!” hurrah for their boss’s lucky strikes, woo when you hit’em hard etc.
This ring could be some wider cause of this.

They’ve said they’re working on a change to this, but until they have it rolled out the boss walls will exist.

Personally I think giving a loot die on boss death is enough of a reward to incentivize killing them, but that’s just me.


The problem is when bosses bug that make a wall the map becomes unfinishable.

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