Against the Grain Challenge - Cage Breaker

Hello everyone!

Me and some friends were trying to complete Cage Breaker on Against the Grain and after a few tries and failing it, we decided to chronometer our runs. We consistently did it in 49-55 seconds but none of us got the achievement.

Possibly it’s bugged?


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It is most certainly bugged when doing it the regular way. It can be completed easily when abusing BW’s teleport at one location, though; the basic idea here is to get into a position to open all cages with four people almost at the same time (i.e. in less than ~15 seconds).

can you accept me on steam?
I added you. I am interested in the Details of this bug and the current state of the bug and would like to talk to you.

I also can confirm, that the challenge doesnt work right now.

I did it yesterday with a Group. We tried both the legit way (56 seconds) and abusing the BW teleport (around 25seconds). Both times we didnt get the challenge.

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