"Master of convergence" Cataclysm not unlocking

Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended.

My group and I just finished Athel Yenlui , trying to complete the associated challenge in Cataclysm difficulty. We pretty much did the circles in minimal time (with a ranger, an hunter and a shade and purple potions), so we didn’t counted exactly the time but it must have been below 30s…
Despite that, none of us got the challenged unlocked.
We took some time after dropping into the arena to position ourselves - has the way the timer behave changed (and isn’t from the first time a button is touched like before) ?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Normally you can take as much time in the arena, it only starts counting from the moment someone starts turning a dial.

If you are not sure if you did it in less then 30 seconds, then i would say, try again with a timer next to you or with a mod that keeps track of the mission time. It might of been because you just surpassed the 30 seconds. or it can ofcourse be broken, but if you aren’t sure if you did it in less then 30 seconds, then i would try and rule that out first.

We were under invisibility for the duration of turning the circles, releasing the buttons only to recast our respective ability. So unless an uninterrupted movement of the circles takes more than 26~28s, we should have passed the challenge, because we haven’t wasted more than a few seconds - I only needed to cast Kruber’s invisibility two times to do my part, and its duration is 6s IIRC.

I guess the challenge just bugged then.
Let’s just hope next time it will work properly.

I cannot really give any feedback as i don’t see how you guys did it, i can only assume. If you say you did it in less then 30 seconds then i believe you.

Make sure to update this post once you are able to get it, or if its broken forever.

I’ll do that.
In the mean time, thanks for the confirmation that the time is still from the first dial pressed, we won’t have to rush after the drop for our next attempt.

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Just wanna let you know that i don’t know for sure if it only starts counting once using the dials. I didn’t see any changes stating otherwise so i still assume it works like it did before.

Goodluck, hope it works.

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