Breakthrough achievement bugged

Issue Summary:
Some friends and I are trying to get the achievement of releasing all prisoners in 60 seconds, and do not jump the achievement, we have done with a timer and it took about 53seconds but the achievement does not jump, did not fix this error? We have 3 days doing it 2 or 3 times a day and do not jump, fix it please.

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The timer seems to start the moment you get the “area” notification to free the prisoners, as opposed to starting when you free the first prisoners - this makes the challenge very very very difficult indeed (at least without a speed built handmaiden!). It’s on our radar.

Could you check on when the timer for the Hunger in the Dark timer starts for the “Kill Troll in 15 seconds” timer? We’ve done it 6+ times now where we killed the Troll in 8-10 seconds and don’t get credit. For everybody who regularly plays with me, they’re all at 12/13 on the Legend challenges as this one won’t advance for any of us.

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ok thanks,me unlocked yesterday,thanks for you help

This was the only challenge where we had to do 4 tries too.

I think the time starts when the cart reaches the bell or something. We pretty much killed the troll immediately after it bursted out of the door.

Really I never noticed that but well we never lost too much time and I always thought that it is impossible without a handmaiden anyway.

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