Evacuation Bell in legend bugged

i have done the challenge again and again timing it at:

when i drop down from the ledge to break the chains and then proceed to run towards the extraction at 65 seconds

^ the exact same thing + killing the rat ogre in 79 seconds

at this point i’m thinking that it’s a bug cause it just doesn’t bite. it is very frustrating. i don’t have evidence of this but if there is indeed a bug pls tell me. or if i am doing anything wrong please tell me too.

Hmmm! Timer begins within the Bell area, smash the chains up and drop down to where the Rat Ogre spawns but skip him - keep running, the achievement may not pop immediately.

Cant confirm for legend but I did it recentlyish on cata and it did work.

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hello i tried it again. i started my stopwatch from the time i descended from the ledge to the chain area and ended it when i entered the portal. it’s 60 sec. and it doesn’t register the challenge.

I’ll ask our QA department to check it out!

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