Vermintide 2 Evacuation Bell Not Unlocking

Hello! Is Evacuation Bell okri challenge (Legend) and Xbox achievement currently bugged? I have run this solo quite a few times and have timed myself during the end event. So far I’ve had no luck unlocking the challenge solo. I am playing on Legend.

I have read conflicting information on where you need to reach to unlock the challenge. Is it just past the rat ogre? At where the bell landed? In the bridge of shadows?

I’ve consistently made it to where the bell landed and beyond in the 85 second window. But have no idea how to reach the bridge of shadows in that time unless I’m in a group and leave everyone behind. Any clarification on this challenge or acknowledgement of a current bug is appreciated!

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I actually read your comment about this on another post as well! I did pause originally to clear out some enemies, but my last few runs I did not pause at any point between the final turn leading to the event and the ledge.

The only thing I can think of is that you have to reach the bridge of shadows, but I’ve seen tons of comments saying that isn’t needed. So I’m just confused by the challenge at this point!

I had the same confusion as you did when going for this a few months ago. Seemed like everything we tried didn’t work. I think the requirements (at least on Xbox) have changed a couple of times so I think that’s why there’s so much confusion. Ended up doing this in a group of 4. We had to get one person to the bridge of shadows and then we all got it. Since there were four of us, we were able to break the chains extremely quick and the handmaiden got to the bridge in under 65 seconds so we weren’t able to tell for sure if the timer started as soon as you dropped or after you hit the first chain (we started timer as we dropped). Our handmaiden drank a concentration potion right before the rat ogre showed up and was handed another one so they could dash all the way to the bridge of shadows. There always seems to be an assassin in the home stretch but thankfully they were able to dodge it.

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This clears up a lot, thank you! I agree, I have been so confused on what the actual requirements were for this one based on all the previous posts and videos I have seen.

On PC I got the achievement just in front of the bridge of shadows. To get there that fast you need a Handmaiden with a concentration potion. Drink it as soon as the ogre appears and dash past it.
That’s the only one you need assuming you have a friend helping with breaking the chains quickly (by splitting up). Otherwise you might need a couple to break the chains quickly enough.

The trigger being there is supposed to be a bug though, so it might get fixed. But if you can’t wait you can always try that.

EDIT: don’t forget decanter, obviously

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Well, thanks for the comments! However, I’ll have to put this on hold until I can actually get a team. The current state of the bots on Xbox makes this almost impossible to complete and you are completely at the mercy of RNG giving you a potion on the end run (spoiler alert: hasn’t happened once on my 10 runs of reaching the bridge of shadows).

I can go into the final event with 3-4 concentration potions, but the bots derp around on the scaffolding and either get pushed off, thrown off by a special, or stand there fighting and won’t give me a potion they are holding. Absolutely worthless…

Hopefully I can find a group to play with and never have to play with these stupid bots on Legend or above ever again, lol.

I didn’t mention it, but a ranger veteran with the potion talent helps immesurably. Luckily, as I mentioned, you don’t need them to hand it to you, you only need 1 and you can have it on you (but don’t drink it 'til the way opens up)

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