[PS4] Is Evacuation Bell trophy bugged?

Is Evacuation Bell bugged? I tried to complete it solo and with friends and it doesn’t popped up.
It takes ~ 50 sec with, when you destroy chains and break to exit and run near the bell. By solo completion it takes more time but still less than 75 sec.

AFAIK the timer starts when you enter the arena and not when you break the first chain. Does this change anything for you?


Me and my friend encounted this problem too.and for other mutiplayer trophiesu can add me for helping each other.psn:hackjak

This is confirmed to be a localisation issue in which a part of the description stating this must be done on Legend is missing.

So, in order to complete this, please do so on Legend. Apologies for the inconvenience.

we do finish this in legend,and it`s require all player alive pass the boss and jump down cave or just one player needed?

Only one player. Time starts when you jump down to the event zone. To be 100% sure you can try getting a HM, give her 2 purples, make everyone else die while she gets to the end relatively safe and easy, but I’m pretty sure that nobody needs to die, only 1 person needs to get to the end quick.

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