PS4 Evacuation Bell challenge broken

Solo with Bots
Destroyed first chain
Within 85 seconds destroy all other chains and leave the map by bridge of shadows
Took me 79 seconds specifically
No trophy/ no reward

This has been discussed a few times before.
I don’t know if it’s any different on PS4, but on PC the timer appears to start even before you drop down to the bell-area.

Sure. I imagine FS just deletes bugs if they aren’t frequently reported however.

From what I recall the timer starts around the corner where you turn and you need to only do the drop down where the rat ogre spawns to “finish” the challenge.
Not sure if this has changed over the years or if its different on consoles, but that’s pretty much how it worked for me when I did the challenges back in the early days.

Took me 19 seconds to drop into the arena and break the first chain. Took over 30 to drop out of the arena and escape. If it was your way then I still would have completed the challenge. Thusly, challenge is bugged and FS needs to fix it.

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