Bugs with Okri's Challenges

Some of the new Okri Challenges for Cataclysm and 1 old one are bugged at the moment.

The “Exemplar” challenge is no longer available after the talent changes if you already had all heroes at level 30 (even if you have already unlocked it before).

The “Cage Breaker (Cataclysm)” challenge doesn’t work / doesn’t start the timer correctly. We opened all of the cages in around 46 seconds and it didn’t give us the challenge. (they were all done in order, by a single person).

The “You take me up (Cataclysm)” challenge doesn’t work at all. We’ve had more than 20 enemies in multiple storms.

The “Glutton: Punishment (Cataclysm)” challenge doesn’t work. We’ve timed it and we killed the boss in 12.04 seconds after the bell was rang.

The Convocation of Decay event is bugged. Even if you leave the event, the bar keeps filling up and the event takes less than 120 seconds to complete. Thus, the “Feed me, sinner! (Cataclysm)” challenge also doesn’t work.

Thank you for reading this and i hope they get fixed as soon as possible.

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