~83% of Chaos Spawn rate (modded realm)

I should clarify this first : i’m only using sactionned mods and the True Solo Qol tweaks mod.

I’ve been doing true solo runs for a couple days now mostly on the maps Against the grain and Empire in flames and i’m encountering a lot of chaos spawn ignoring the current type of enemies are in the aera such as beastmens.

To be more precise i’ve found around 20 - 25 CS for 2 trolls, 1 Rat ogre, 2 stormfields (which came only from the barn event) and no Minotaur.

I am suspecting the “auto restart map” from doing this but restarting manualy don’t give me any luck either.
I am kinda getting tired of them, longer time to kill and lack of variety.

you can always disable chaos spawns via spawn tweaks

sounds like you’ve just been having a bad run of RNG

With a handful of bosses that could be true but at ~30 bosses, this is extremely unlikely to be a coincidence. Not impossible, but when they allow something like this to happen you’d have to consider putting bosses on the pseudorandom distribution.

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Well, both of those maps have areas of guaranteed chaos which overlap a lot with the boss trigger. The beginning of Empire in Flames up until the archway is guaranteed chaos, and the first barn area of Against the Grain is guaranteed chaos. I don’t believe you can get a “skaven” first trigger (Rat Ogre/Stormfiend/Skaven Patrol) on Against the Grain because it’s wholly in the guaranteed chaos zone.


According to the 2 CW guarding the entrance yeah sound right, even if i had memories of figthing Stormfield from a very long time ago ( i suspect it was fixed since then ). but sadly i only had a boss 1 or 2 times here which were… Chaos spawns.

Guaranted Chaos here too ? I don’t remember having to fight a Skaven type here so i might trust you.
I had a couple chaos spawning here not a single troll ever.
then usualy i encounter them after the first barn on the two next triggers on the open field.

So that bring me some clues for the early ones but that doesn’t solve the issue.

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