Chaos on Into the Nest?

Not sure this would really be considered a ‘bug’, but wasn’t sure where else to put it. Was playing through Into the Nest, and as I neared the end a few Savages spawned. First time this has happened.


There shouldn’t be any chaos unit spawning in,not even chaos specials

Is this an official realm adventure mode match, and not a deed? What difficulty was this?

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Official realm, normal legend quickplay, no deeds.

I’ve noticed that game can spawn chaos enemies there if you run alone too far from your team (or if bots are stuck too far behind).

As in chaos specials for rush intervention? (leeches)

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Leeches do spawn as grabbers if you run too far alone, but I think I have seen other chaos spawning randomly there as well. Super rare that is.

@FatsharkLev Could we finally get beastmen removed from the remaining city maps?
Changes were made in that direction, but they still appear in a bunch of helmgart maps, and in bogenhafen. It makes absolutely no sense to find them there - bogenhafen stands in particular, as it appears to be a beastmen town, there’s so many.

Incomplete a faction as they are, I do enjoy fighting them occasionally - I actually like dark omens a lot - but only when it makes sense. In bogenhafen and helmgart they kill my immersion.


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