Chaos enemies in Into the Nest map

There are very often chaos enemies around the second tome in Into the Nest map. I do not mind it. I just don’t think it’s intentional. Just saying…

P.S. Bug with persistent bot outlines after reviving them still persists.

i’m a little confused. thats the grim location and i only see skaven :thinking:

the bot outlines is a bug with real players too. i see it often enough in chaos wastes when rescuing teammates at the start of a fresh map.

There’s a Chaos Special, the Life leech

And I think specials aren’t locked, just like you can have Gutterruner on War camp iirc

No, they should be, there’s usually no chaos specials in the Nest.
The problem with skaven specials is that they are the bulk of the roster, so they appear even in war camp, dark omens and the like. The game would feel much better if that wasn’t the case, but that’d require at least a couple more units.

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The tome is like ten meters away from there and I have usually chaos units closer to it (mostly specials but even berserkers sometimes).

did not see that leech lol

are you on console or pc? i have never gotten chaos enemies on nest before even tho i wish they existed :cry:

On pc. It happens like in 1 of 10 runs and I play this map ten times more than all other maps so it is very often for me. :smiley:

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you are so lucky cuz nest most boring map for me :weary: need more chaos LOL

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