Grudge Marked Chaos spawns not working

Is there a bug where grudge marked chaos spawn isn’t spawning? I’ve been running Expedition of Eternity with the Chaos / skaven modifiers for the last map. That way on the last map I should have a 50% chance of getting a chaos spawn.
I’ve ran it 9 times, and gotten 9 Trolls. Its driving me crazy.
Im asking if there is a bug because the probability of losing a 50/50, 9 times in a row is 0.195%
Or am I just the the unluckiest person ever?

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Update - Running total is now 13 runs. Probability is at 0.012%

I’m not gonna claim to know how it works but if the final arena is chaos/skaven I’m fairly sure it has an even chance to spawn any monster other than a minotaur, which would make the theoretical probability of a monster being a chaos spawn 25% of the time. However this is purely theoretical though as we’re dealing with probability here. which as astronomically unlucky you’ve been is still very possible. I pray to Ranald that you find the spawn you seek :smiley: .

Edit: A 1 in 4 chance losing 9 times in a row comes out at about ~7.5%, 12 times is ~3.1%, so ye quite unlucky but not unbelievably so.

Right… I thought it was one monster from each modifier. So one stormfiend or rat ogre, and one spawn or troll.
Makes sense, I’m still tilted af though xD

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