Bile Troll is not spawning from Trail Chests

I think something going on in Chaos Waste Legend and Cata…

Over 10 different rounds, in different games, not even once we had grudged marked bile Troll… Lots of Mino, And storm fiends though.

Interestingly even as normal mini boss there was no Bile Troll.

Can you please have a look? I wonder if we encounter the same issue as Mino spawn before the patch…

I play mainly Cata btw … Thanks

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I have this exact same issue, except it’s Chaos Spawns that I don’t get. In 10 expeditions I haven’t seen a single one. My guess is that removing certain mark combinations messes up the spawn rates.

Map modifiers:

Skaven/Chaos: Rat Ogre, Stormfiend, Troll, Chaos Spawn
Skaven/Beastmen: Rat Ogre, Stormfiend, Minotaur
Chaos/Beastmen: cannot roll

As of patch 4.5, there’s a different bottleneck to monster spawns that disfavors regular Chaos monsters.

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