The Pit - Weekly Event spawn bugs

I just did a Weekly Event run in The Pit where enemies didn’t spawn during the storehouse and escape events. The timer during the storehouse still ran so we could pass through, allowing for free Okri’s Challenge.
I only have 1 run experience since the Weekly is random.

what PC do u have? did u speed run it?

PC version. It was a normally paced run with a random group of 4. We lit the 3 crates and then no enemies spawned. I think I heard one of the crates looping its igniting sound.

lucky u i hope some day i will finish this BS challenge

Let us know if you can reliably repeat it. That challenge is BS :smiley:

The challenge is a challenge there should be more like it and less of the gather or replay this map 100 times.

Would you mind uploading the console log from this particular session? We’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

console-2019-02-19-13.58.00-D2312843-65B5-41DD-BDC1-D9B1.log (3.5 MB)

Unfortunately I wasn’t the host so there may be missing relevant information.
The alert for challenge completion is on line 4712.
The last noted event before that was us picking up the Ravaged Art outside.

The ending of the run is on line 5639.

I’m still trying to get The Pit selected for the Weekly again so I can possibly repeating conditions. One of our group members jumped on to a ledge that may have been unreachable and that could have frozen the spawns, but that doesn’t explain the ending event.

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