Weekly Challenge crashed

Issue Summary:
We killed ratsknitt and the 2 loot rats he spawned. We then decided after a bid of trying we cant kill the 4 ogres with 2 ppl and let the dwarf run. When he entered the elevator and activated it we crashed (host crash).

I assume that this will be consistent but havent tried yet. So yeah we broke the weekly challenge :D.

error.txt (6.2 KB)

Looks like the same error. This time it happened in the finale of engines of war when a special (i think) spawned at the exit (without the ship being there yet). Special was killed. Monks spawned and game crashed a moment later (maybe when someone tried to shoot them.

console-2019-02-18-17.49.48-B4FBBDC8-D6D1-4AF1-812E-ED8C.log (700.6 KB)

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