Post here if you crash during the weekly mutator

So far my host has crashed twice during the mutator. Once during the bodvarr fight and another time halfway through festering when we got to the second tome.

Has anyone hosting one of these games figured out the cause? Is it the game itself or is it a mod you are using? So far I know the loadout mod doesn’t function anymore, and the bot AI mod can crash the game if you activate the ping feature. However I disabled those and haven’t tried hosting myself yet.

I disabled all mods and verified game files, but I did notice something during the crashes I had(several).

While it may be coincidence entirely, I’m not saying this is definitely doing something…

but I crashed several times when an elitewas killed during a climbing animation, resulting in a split mid-animation. It may be chance or something completely different of course, but it seemed to be just as I struck them.

I have no mods installed either and cannot play the game because it crashes way too often! Great update Fatshark… but my game broke.

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I have crashed the moment a spawn is supposed to split. Every time without fail.

Host crashed when I killed an elite in the portal.

Only when I try to host, which sucks because it’s hard to find legend games.

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