The Pit - no Spawns / Free Legend Challenge 100% reproducible

As you see in the graphic, there are no spawns at the Pit - event.

So i did it twice in a row now and would call out, i´m able to reproduce this bug/exploit to 100%.
I did both times the same. I´m pretty sure it´s a special pathing on the map, or atleast “reach special positions.”

Here is my log with both games only: console-2018-10-08-10.19.23-C30BD776-519F-4CDC-AD99-01D3.log (512.1 KB)

So if you need any further information, you could contact me privately FS. I don´t wanna share a free challenge for everyone.
And yes… i do know that there is atleast 1 thread about it, but i wanted to start a new one, so you won´t overlook it probably.

Sling me a DM :slight_smile:

abusing maiden is no secret to anyone

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Because that have something to do with the challenge lol.

HM can trigger the bug is what he’s saying. It’s been know about for a while now and talked about on the forums here.

And i did that with WHC and FK too 2 times wow… and 1000 other ppl got half the map no spawns with individual setups too…

May i ask you to suggest to change this challenge to dev to makes it little easier? I know this is a challenge and supposed to be hard…
But glazier’s holiday is too hard compared with other all challenges

I agree and i don´t. The problem isn´t the challenge at all, the problem is:

  • get 4 ppl with a good comb together.
  • be a bit lucky with the spawns.

I did nearly every challenge with randoms or solo. The most are just “too easy to skip” with some career-abusing. (Hunger in the Dark - Shade, Athel - 3 stealth classes, Nest - Tanks or no grims etc.)
This one needs a good setup and division.
If you´re unlucky, that a horde appears in front of the warehouse, it´s already gone.
If you´re unlucky and 5 of 5 windows get attacked at the same time, it´s mostly gone. (The 6th window won´t be attacked if the team-positioning is correct.)

If you nerf that challenge, it won´t be a challenge anymore. They need to take something else as challenge.

I would prefer more personally challenges overall.


yeah i think we need personal challenge than team based challenge
i mean, we are going to get improved bot because of player base downed
these team based challenges, especially glaizer’s holiday, are not easy to find other players who willing to do this and also due to player’s number downed…
once ppl did this challenge, they are not likely help other to try it becuz it needs all 4 players need to know how to do this and even if all 4 players know how to do, there are rng for this challenge becuz wave or boss can destroy barricade even if you are not reach the building yet… so it forced them to quit game and retry or clear it and retry both ways are wastes time

I really thought about that… but hey… I wont get paid for that and i asked for privacy… maybe some decency…
please? thanks? Who cares about such things today… I reported so much issues with logs and how to reproduce such stuff…
I could sling some manners…

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