Pit hordes broken

Issue Summary: Last 2 time I played the Pit, the hordes never came during the hideout defense. Also no hordes get spawned till the end of the level.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play the Pit
  2. Get to the hideout and set the cargo on fire
  3. Observe through the windows that noone comes, get one of the hardes challenges and breeze through the rest of the level

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Constant (on a sample size of 2, however)

Additional Information: I did not observe any connection with my teammates’ careers etc. I was playing WHC both times.

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Did you play as normal or did something?
I think i did the pit more than 10 times and didn’t get this bug

I’ve just played another run as usual - no bugs. Yes, we played a usual custom unmodded game.
Need to keep an eye out if the boss spawn before the hideout breaks it or something.
Today there was no boss and no bug.
Yesterday there was a troll on the stairs before the hideout - and the hordes bugged out.
Unfortunately, I don’t remember if there was a boss the first time around, so cannot correlate yet.

Ideally, we’d need to see a console log in this situation. Should this occur again, please send the console log our way. :slight_smile:

Do I need to be the host for those games? I think I can dig up the client console logs otherwise.

You don’t need to be the host, if you could dig up the log that would be excellent. The dates within the log names should help you identify which corresponds with this particular session. :slight_smile:

Ok there you go. Searched for “set_next_level( dlc_bogenhafen_slum )” text, and found the two alleged runs that I mentioned in the OP.
console-2018-09-20-12.24.33-E364C358-6F26-4FBE-8512-9F9A.log (3.9 MB)
console-2018-09-21-12.06.39-482207EB-35D3-4333-AF72-F8BE.log (2.4 MB)

I’ve also encountered this issue playing as a client.

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This happened to us as well once, but the horde spawn got blocked way before the warehouse part.

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I don´t know if you´ve found something about this issue yet, but have a look at the 2nd tome location. If you´re at the tome or atleast 10meters in front of it and a horde appears (mention to the sound). The Horde won´t come (maybe 3-4 adds).

I got the OP´s problem 2 times now and already gave you a thread with a log from it. It happened both time due to this position that no horde will spawn the entire map after the 2nd tome.
I can´t find my old thread, so it probably lies in your secret library.

I tried to reproduce it this way. It happened once that no more horde spawned, but the warehouse worked as intendet.

PITBUG.txt (742.2 KB)
Here is atleast a log from the 2nd run with this issue.


Happened today to my group too. No enemies spawned in the warehouse, and after that no hordes or Specials appeared, even during the gauntlet. Only the roaming enemies were present.

Session log ( I guess I could also get the host to send his if that would help more): console-2018-10-03-18.47.54-AF0CECC6-E990-405D-B1AA-12DB.log (4.2 MB)

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