The Overrepresentation of Sharpshooters

It already has the lowest dodge rate and length of all melee weapons.


Come to t5. I rarely see more than one veteran in a lobby, usually I get none.


well its true that P-sword still is the most used melee option but that doesnt mean its overpowered,
while it still overperforms somewhat the main reason i think its used so much is because its nieche is what a ranged focused career wants, the axes aren’t bad at all in the game but arent used by sharpshooters because they don’t cover the weaknesses you have, hordes
and powersword simply allows to dispatch hordes the fastest allowing you swap back to your ranged weapon (you know your strong suit), but P-sword isn’t all that good against ogryns(any) maulers and ragers, it does adequatly sure but as soon as strong enemies pile up its gets horrible real fast, due to the weak dodge defense and slow down.

there are few options, for veterans if they want a weapon that is capable to make breathing room fast or defensive enough to get away.

basicly powersword, chainsword, shovel, knife and one or two of the swords.

all others are more offensive melee weapons that either exell while maintainig melee uptime or are generally worse.


I’m Vet main and I always on power trip whenever I pick up Power Sword, there’s a lot of times where I think I should have die(getting ganked up by multiple Rager/Crusher on top of horde) but still pulled through because I just mowed through all of them like butter.

Sadly, while it certainly feel good to use PS, I have to shelf it because I always feel like I rely on it too much. Now I mostly use Catachan sword which I really like.

Although I kinda feel like my teamate is pretty annoyed seeing me kiting Crusher for 2-3 minutes or didn’t clear horde fast enough because I didn’t bring PS with me lol, not like I care though.

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Definitely agree. I hardly ever get Ogryn mates unless I’m on Bullgryn, then it’s all Ogryn often.

I mean I dont want power sword nerf, but did anybody see a vet with shovel?
Like at ALL? Cuz I didnt
PS is JUST that good, vet doesnt need melee talents if his weapon cleaves through anything.
I like when people have nice toys to play with but if one is just so BLATANTLY better than the rest, it makes the rest even worse

Power weapons are in a weird state
Thunder hammer has nice dmg BUT it takes too long to activate - it hits ONLY ONE target - the animation lockup after that is too long
Powerclub is not bad but also too slow
Power sword? Hands down THE best power weapon in the game and top 3 best melee weapons in the game.

I don’t know what difficulty you play, but playing 5+ EU it’s psykers and zealots with sometimes one sharpshooter. Most games I play have either 2-3 zealots or 1-2 psykers apart from what I’m playing.

Also, this whole post is another bash sharpshooter while it isn’t even the most powerful class in the game.

Power sword has the worst mobility in the sharpshooter’s arsenal (slow sprint, slow and short dodge), a pretty bad push, and needs to be powered to be stronger than a butter knife. Powersword clears group pretty fast when powered, but even if you put on a zealot axeV wins out by a lot.

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  1. Iam not bashing veteran.
  2. I asked people here a question - do you see vets with anything else than a power sword OR maybe axe here and there? Cuz I dont
  3. Power Club is very lackluster too until powered, and then its one slap not 2 AND it also throws enemies around so you cannot finish them off.
  4. Thunder hammer needs another 20% attack speed buff and it still cant clear faster than brutal momentum/deadly strike

Vet is okay, I like having vets MUCH more then 2 other zealots (I play zealot with lasguns/bolter/autoguns) whos flames are pretty but useless if there is something ranged against us

Ofc i don´t mean with “rush in”, that you should constantly rush. You should use your head aswell and get a feeling for “when do X, when do Y”.

What i´m talking about are those moments where it´s better to rush into the enemies then laying back and going for a 10 minute rangefight while dozens of specials spawn and everything just eats your ressources, while you stuck on place.
Also Vet has the biggest basestats in general and while you probably go for toughness / wounds on other classes, i would recommend to take those extra stamina, block efficience etc… This will help a lot to catch up and since you sit on 200 toughness, you can tank one or another hit while gapclosing through sprints / dodges other classes can´t take.

Also with “backup” i don´t mean “play melee” at all. Atleast go into partyrange for toughnessreg and take care for flanks.

I want to add a veteran running/sprinting takes 200% damage if the data miners are to be believed, which is why I very much prefer running a dagger, I can’t kill hordes quickly with it, but I do it safely.

Now I’ve played with the sword it’s great, and sure as heck Iove the thing, no doubt I’d take it if I got a good roll and see if I can weave it into my Damnation runs.

I think the reason people hate it, is the fact it has charges, give power cycler to other power weapons, and that should balance it out.

Can’t remember if it also has the slowest stamina regen or not, I’d have to look it back up.

I still do not believe that this ‘‘Power Circler’’ exists. It is like the white wale. Upgraded over 100 PS and not once i got that perk of any level.

And no power or chain weapon should have to be activated at all in the first place. They should be powered/reved up simply by the normal attacks, like they operate lore wise. Power Weapons have no trigger. The hammer activates on impact and the sword on holding the grip in 40K. The chain weapons have a trigger for the gaspedal move, that is pushed while swinging. The way FS designed them is just some kind of boring excuse for not having a better idea for the weapon special.

The Hammer for example could have had an AOE dmg Smash on the ground to knock back enemies around the impact zone.
The Sword could have an on point stab.
The chain axe and sword could have and extra power mode that you activate when it bites into carapace, to give it extra power to cut trough it.

The thing is that most people not even realise, that there are moments, when the so called OP PS has no chance at all. IF you get 1 or even 2 Rangers in your face and you have not already powered it up before they attack, you are done. They will interrupt the activation and they do not care about blocking or pushing.
And of course the PS can cut a Bullwalk in half. From the backside. As soon as that shield is in your face, the PS has no chance what so ever to stagger the Bullwalk to lay a decent hit on hit. A bullwalk facing a Vet with some other melee mobs around it is the Veterans death sentence.


Meh. I never use the Power Sword when I play Vet. I think it’s massively overrated. Mk V Combat Axe + Brutal Momentum = win.


Eh, you do realize you can just kite Rager by just guarding and dodge slide backward while it he stuck in combo animation right? It’s not like you have to face tank their attack or anything.

This is when grenade come into play, you knock him down and use that opening to get free hit in, or well, just use gun instead or let teamate help you since it’s a team game. Also it’s not like there’s a lot of melee weapon that can deal with Bulwark effectively anyway and PS is actually one of the better one because of its elite killing potential.

I still wonder why Bulwark can be shot at in his club attack animation but not the same case for melee though, seem like a weird design choice.

The beginning of my post was targeted at OP.
Because the sword is used a lot doesn’t mean its op at all. Vet’s use power sword because of the ease of use, the weapon being good without the specific blessing (unlike the axe5), and because it’s the perfect sidearm for the class to clear enemies swiftly and get back to shooting. Vet with PS (as some else pointed out here already) still gets overwhelmed in last-stand situations, unlike zealot or psyker who both fare far better with a lot of (almost all viable) weapon choices.
Also, I’d argue a good axe5 with desirable blessing can be better than PS overall, it’s just harder to get.

I don’t think it’s a good argument that since other powered weapons a pretty bad then power sword should be bad as well. Comparisons like that don’t help, but I’ll comment on your point 3,4 anyway.

Power club has brutal aoe suppression. It can lock down all melee elites with the powered strike that can be chained very easily. It’s a bad weapon cos suppression isn’t that useful.
Thunder hammer needs buffs no argument’s there. I don’t know if a horde slaying buff is a good way to go, I rather put a power output stat and suppression on the powered attack.


Since power sword has come up again I’m just gonna post some damage tables. This is for 80 damage roll with T3 slaughterer active and NO perks. So there’s a fair bit of room for further boosting these numbers. For all of these I’ve selected heavy 1 attack with special active.

3 Damnation poxwalkers dead on body shot. 5 with headshot or crit.

2 shot head shots for both Ragers types. With T4 slaughterer and appropriate perks can become a 2 body shot. Also for some incomprehensible reason power sword both cleaves and staggers Ragers effortlessly so they get no chance at a counter attack.

That’s uhhhhhh, really good Ogryn damage for one of the best horde clear weapons in the game if you ask me.

After playing a bunch of Vet recently my honest conclusion is that unless you’re running complete meme builds they are by far the easiest class to deal with almost any threat. With unwavering focus you can literally stand in the middle of a room out of cover and kill every shooter before they have a hope of breaking your toughness. On Damnation no less. Heck if you shoot a few elites first your regen can offset the vast majority of ranged damage you’ll take during Ult. I’ve mostly been running Vraks HHs for ranged which are good but don’t even have the best enemy coverage and power sword effortlessly cleans up whatever is left.

I could maybe accept the power sword as not completely busted if they didn’t give it access to slaughterer. That pushes it into absolutely absurd territory. Even on Heresy I don’t feel like I even need to turn the damn thing on to deal with hordes very competently. After playing every other class pretty extensively Vet feels luxuriously comfortable.


What even IS this thread?

People legit arguing that PS is worse than Force Sword? Wtf??

Every time I take an Eviscerator into Damnation, the entire run I’m just thinking to myself “wauw, this is so much worse than the power sword”. It takes 3-4 swings to finish a group that the PS would kill in one swing.

Ya’ll really, really need to try some other weapons or work on your positioning if you think PS is not god-tier.

Any run I have on T5 that has 2 Vets in the party, is always just so much easier than without them. Yes we can get through and finish with 4 psykers, but it becomes such a chore, while it’s legitimately easymode with 2-3 Vets. Like, I can actually just stand AFK and watch them pewpew down anything that dares show its head.

The fact that Vet is probably the worst class to try and clutch last-man-standing, doesn’t change the fact that for the other 99% of the time Vet just mows down stuff that other classes have to sweat to manage.

All of that said, I don’t think Vet is necessarily “over-represented”, because its probably the most boring class to play. I see at least as many zealots and psykers, only ogryn is noticeably less represented. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a reflection of classes “power level”, it’s just that people want to play the archetype thats most fun to them.

When I’m waiting in lobby for people to join, when a Vet joins I think “phew, good, this is going to be an easy run”. When a psyker joins I think “urgh, gonna have to babysit this guy”. When a zealot joins I think “ffs, we’re effectively doing this with only 3 people” (thats not because zealot is weak, just that 90% of the people playing it are brain-dead).


Agreed, but at the moment it’s mostly situational, and there’s not really enough there in terms of class interplay to accommodate this balance. It firstly depends on environment, if there’s a chokepoint to take advantage of or not. In an open space, like in most end-of-run arenas, it then depends on team comp and what everybody brought in. Something like a power sword exists so the vet can handle intermittent cqc situations quickly enough to be able to reengage ranged threats. People complain about zealot using the flamer, even though that’s the best way the synergy of “vet ranged others melee” can work. It also depends on what the psyker and ogryn bring to the table in terms of how much horde they can handle. Most of the time a vet will have moments of opportunity to engage ranged threats, but during horde events those moments are often too short even if other players are doing a decent job of handling things because everybody tends to get caught up in their own personal bubble.

My thoughts on balance and overall better play experience was to make power weapons reliant on stamina for the active. The vet, having lower stamina, would work through their powerspike, if you will, just long enough to deal with an immediate threat(s), but not long enough to work through a horde, whereas a zealot would be able to take advantage of it much better. Power would then be toggled, instead of activated for a brief time, so it makes it a whole lot less annoying to use while still functional and balanced. This would also require a bit of a rework to the thunderhammer, but everybody has also been asking for that anyways. Would also give more reason to use +stam curios.

dud ive played lots of vet on damnation and rarely even take out my melee. i use my gun in melee and range combat equally just blazing everything down. wtf are you talking about that the vet needs protection and aid from ogryns and zealots. it seems you have no clue what youre talking about, but nice wall of text there.

i have a power sword with t4 blesses of power cycler and slaughterer that would argue with that. 8 chained charge attacks between activations, it stands tall with the best in game at single target dps and having no competition, and i mean there is nothing close when it comes to ae. it one shots everything (and to be clear im not refferring only to types here but also numbers) on damnation below a rager, only ogres (hmm actually im not sure if mutants take two ro three) can survive two hits. and on those rare occasions it doesnt kill it will of course do heavy stagger.
it may not have infinite cleave but you wont be able to tell because everything it goes near turns into a fine red mist so theres never enough in combat to reach that threshold. its biggest problem is its hard to keep moving forward fast enough to feed it.

the step down in power i have swapping to my zeal (which is my main played) or oggie is so severe it actually is frustrating, its not a matter of being ball park close, its not the same league , hell there not playing the same game.

now i still dont have a deflector so i cant test it but your telling me you can block, this Power sword makes you Neo, you dont have to.

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Veteran gains 50% more toughness from melee kills than other classes (for some weird ass reason) on top of having 100% more maximum toughness which results in 3 times as much toughness from melee kills. Melee bleedthrough naturally still hurts, but honestly it’s quite silly to see your toughness bar go up by 100+ from 1 melee swing with a good cleave weapon against a horde. You don’t even need the Power Sword to achieve that either.

I gotta agree with that whole “Veterans have team support stuff so having multiple veterans is bad” point.