The Nervous Player's Manifesto: Getting Over Solo QP Jitters

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As someone who recently got started venturing into Quick Play solo again after almost a year of nerves stemming from a somewhat traumatizing incident, I thought I’d share some of the things I’d picked up in making Quick Play a little less scary for those of us with performance anxiety when going in solo:

  • Play what you want. No, seriously. Play what you want. You want to play Huntsman with a sword and shield? Go for it. That fireball staff you’re a touch rocky with friendly fire on? You bet. Let no one tell you your choices, meta or non-meta, don’t deserve your attention. If pubs are brave enough to run drakegun, you can try out that shiny new red you just got that maybe you don’t have enough experience on (but also see the next point if you’re a bit worried pubs won’t like your choices).
  • Still not certain? Host your own Quick Play! PC players have the option of using the sanctioned Host Your Own Games mod, which allows you to host your own Quick Play games. If you are console, host a custom game and open it up to pubs. This allows you to test things in a safe environment without fear of kicking (and usually tends to alleviate many Quick Play stressors in general).
  • Remember that the mute function is always an option. I’m pretty kick-adverse unless someone has AFK’ed for long periods of time or is being blatantly toxic, but I’ve certainly muted people and they’re usually none the wiser.
  • Don’t concentrate on being the best. Concentrate on being better than you were the day before. If you find yourself cracking under the pressure to perform while in groups, keep in the back of your mind where you came from. Did you just recently move up to Legend? Perhaps you’ve been in Legend for a while and only recently started to pull off successful clutches. Whatever the case may be, count these things as achievements and improvements.
  • If someone is actively making you uncomfortable, you have every right to leave. No amount of harassment is worth the QP bonus. Trust me.
  • Have faith in your own abilities. It’s easy to get bogged down in all you did wrong, or crumbling under the idea that you must do well to support your team, but honestly, mind over matter really shines here. You’ll do far better in a clutch if you tell yourself “alright, time to kite!” vs. going “oh god, I’m gonna die!” Performing under intense gameplay situations is far, far easier when you’re not sweating all the possible ways that you might fail before or if they happen.
  • Don’t take rage quitters and fast kickers too seriously. This one’s tough, I get it. Sometimes you just want a stable lobby and take these things to heart. But remember these things reflect on them and not you, should you be a courteous player who tried their best. You’ll find a group who will stick around the more QP’s you do, I promise. And on that note…
  • Don’t take your own failures too seriously, either. Sometimes the game just does not want you to win. Sometimes Ranald and the Director team up to give you silent disablers while dropping a Chaos Spawn on your head while you’re last man standing. Stuff happens—that’s what makes Vermintide, Vermintide. And finally…
  • The first game of the day will always be your most nerve wracking. No, really! That first one is just a roulette of who knows what you’re going to get. After you have that first win/wipe/whatever, the rest of the games following are much easier to queue up for.

Edited to add a point about mind over matter.


^^^ fixed that for you.


-nervousness intensifies-

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I let people play whatever they want in my lobbies except for flamethrower dwarf. They get kicked on sight for making terrible life choices.

As for meta weapons, I will grab them if I see some rather strange choices from my party. When I see FK kruber and RV Bardin both rocking shields, I’ll grab the sword and Dagger on elf for the extra boss damage. As the lvl 16 conflag Pyro isn’t exactly inspiring confidence in me. As for low lvls in legend, I normally kick the people who try and kick them. In my experience,
It’s always the guy that’s super worried about their levels that dies constantly. Which is when you figure out the reason he’s so worried is because he needs to be carried.

I actually want those maps but i almost never get em Q_Q

I do get gardens of morr pretty often though.

Well to be fair, íf the person is super low level like 10 or something then they are down a serious lot on hero power which means that they´ll have to struggle to even pull their part. …not to mention pull things up if things get tough.


Lower level also means lack of talents, those can be pretty dang important for some careers.

"End of edit. "

Legend might not be extremely difficult but mistakes do get punished.

Another type that you have to worry about though is the people saying they dont want the team to take grims because those “make you lose”.

As if a grim or two really makes a difference when a total wipe really does happen x)

Had one of em just yesterday, guy dropped 10 times in melee before we even got the first grim then he had the gall to blame our eventual wipe on the grims.

2000 damage taken indeed.

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Okay, but what do I do if someone in Quick Play tries to tell me that Müesli isn’t the unequivocal pinnacle of human ingenuity and innovation?

This is honestly the most nervewracking situation I’ve ever found myself in, in all of my Quick Play experiences to date.

Good post. First boss in QP to a lot of people is always anxiety about dealing with potential salty behavior. I have most of my legend skins from solo-QP but it’s still a challenge to get over that.


I get alot of flack for rocking shields on bardin/kruber I know it ain’t meta but I gotta admit. They are just damn fun to play in my opinion

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I do apologize if this was supposed to be sarcastic, but if it wasn’t then i couldn’t disagree more. It doesn’t really matter if you lack experience with a certain character or career as long as you are comfortable with the core gameplay (dogde, block, how much you can get away with). The stamina and dodge mechanics doesn’t differ much between careers, with some exceptions, so I’d rather take a player with 200 hours in one career only rather than a player with half that amount but all characters at 30.

If a person plays with a weapon *he is unfamiliar with then that would probably be way more notable. Thing is that it wouldn’t show anywhere if he did. in all seriousness don’t judge people because of weapon or class choices, or level, until you’ve seen them play. If someone is struggling with the axe and falchion on Saltzpyre you should definitely start to worry if they decide to switch it out and go with the axe.