The Nervous Player's Manifesto: Getting Over Solo QP Jitters

Haha if the group is about to fall apart anyway that’s always enjoyable. Had one run during the last sale where one guy started flaming another person in the chat (who was trying his best) while being terrible himself (everyone bar me, playing on Sienna, my worst, with boltstaff, had been downed at the first part of Athel Yenlui before the dropdown due to an ambush alone and I had to pick all three up, raging guy included) until the first guy quit while I was telling the toxic guy not to be an ass. At that point I start to decide I’m going to leave too as chances are he’d try to kick me too if I was the one to slip up later. Guy then snaps at me because I accidentally did a point of FF to him, started calling me trash and that he’d kick me if I did it again (as if it had been intentional), I just cheerfully said ‘you’re welcome’ and left. Not worth hanging around.

That said, if you can salvage the situation that’s even better! I remember another match in OW a lot longer back where one guy started tilting at another teammate when we lost the first point, one of the two friends I was playing with told him it was alright and we still had a chance to win it, that he shouldn’t work himself up over it before we know for certain. Guy actually apologised to the guy he flamed for losing his calm, said he was having a bad day on ranked and kept trying to win. Other guy forgave him. I was surprised by his apology too.


Good advice here: Have faith in your own abilities. Trust your choices.

A corollary: . . . and stay in line of sight of your team as best as you can, and have faith in your team.

Examples of the value of having faith in your team. A very critical concept in this game is knowing when it is time to kite. The logic of kiting has a couple critical points in my view.

  1. When is it time? The situation is so out of control that if you don’t kite you are down. So, to elongate the fight kiting is a necessity.
  2. You might think that you are not doing damage. You must be confident that your team will do work. Every mob you have on you is one they dont have on them. This is my biggest psycological barrier to kiting in QP and it is because, at times, I lack faith in my team.
  3. Kiting DOES NOT MEAN NO DAMAGE OUTPUT FROM YOU! - Use of Verticality and dropping and jumping over low obstacles creates distance and spacing for mobs, this creates small opportunities for damage. Do not despair, find the obstacles and verticality!
  4. The person that is kiting can sometimes (especially in the case of a dual horde/boss kite) be making the most important contribution.

Also, if you trust yourself so much that you are willing to break line of sight you had better be comfortable soloing. Your team might not save you from a disabler, but if you knowingly break line of sight, they can’t save you. You need to give them the chance.


Seems to happen a lot more after the WoM patch. I don’t mind helping inexperienced players get Legend frames, but it gets draining when it quickly becomes a true solo playthrough game after game and they don’t respond/reply to my suggestions to play safe behind me, and instead blames other for incompetence.

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