The Masterwork Pistol does way too much damage

it should at the very least require a power investment to do what it does


A pistol doing as much damage as a Handgun even with damage fall off issue taken into account is just silly in the first place


I disagree. 1h Hammer has 13 Stamina on IB, with an overall well rounded kit for hordes and elites. Sure, 2h Hammers are great, but I recently discovered I really liked the 1h version.


I’ve found the delay to be a bit rough honestly, aiming well under pressure with it can be insanely hard or just straight up impossible to react to stuff sometimes. Needing to hold the mouse button, but then not being able to hold the shot is bizarre, it should either just be “click - slight delay - shot” or “click - hold to charge shot - release to shoot”, not this weird in between.
Right click is so ridiculously inconsistent in general it just feels like RNG if you do damage or not sometimes.

I don’t think I’d want it nerfed, but would very much like some of the power moved from damage into usability.


The accuracy on the right click would be a problem if A) a shot to the toe wouldnt kill a target and B) there would only be one medium distanced target you want to hit.

In reality, there is half a dozen SVs coming at you and it doesnt matter if you hit the one to the left, or right first before one bullet hits home.

It can stay the way it is animation wise, but only if the damage gets adjusted to something that needs major investment in properties to make it deal the damage it deals now, plus the fall off being much more severe than now. Its silly to expect a gun being very good Monster damage, clearing Elites fast and sniping specials, but the Pistol does exactly that atm.

Right now its more powerful in Cata than a Manbow in Legend.

yeah ideally I’d like to see a rebalancing where power is shifted from raw damage into smoother usage.

Even from a lore/immersion perspective it makes no sense to me that a pistol made by a dwarf engineer feels 20x more clunky than pulling 20 flintlocks out of my coat or holding down right click on an 8 barrel handgun.


I still stand by my statement and also think adding more damage drop off and RMB having Repeater Handgun equivalent damage is acceptable. Especially since the weapon visually has two firing mechanisms making the charged LMB and rapid fire RMB different, so it’d be fine and believable for the damage to be different.

Edit: Full disclosure; I’d, personally still prefer the RMB do decent armor damage, especially at close range. I think it’s ok for Ranger Veteran and Engineer, who get buffs to ranged damage, to be able to Django Unchain a couple of stormvermins like Huntsman and Bounty Hunter can do. But if Ironbreaker can do it, then maybe it should be questioned. A big armored guy taking out a patrol with a big iron on his hip, instead of ulting and working with his team to take on a challenge? Eh, I can see that being controversial.

WS in Legend is the biggest culprit for me. One or two-shots everything with unlimited ammo with insane accuracy.

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mfw I argued IB wouldn’t want pistol but then I do that and realize I would never use anything else


Base ammo should be reduced by at least one full clip. Dodges can stay long, but should not be infinite. RV should -not- be allowed to use this weapon. Limit it to IB and Engi only. I think its current damage is fine IF the absurd ammo sustain of RV is out of the picture, and base ammo reduced. You should not have enough ammo to shoot at every elite, special and boss. You should have to choose what you are going to use it on.

I don’t mind that it lets dwarf kill bosses in a couple seconds. Everyone else gets a class that can do that too. But if Engi can’t use crossbow, I don’t see why RV gets to use the pistol. And currently I’m of the opinion that it’s almost a fair weapon within the confines of IB and Engineer, but RV completely breaks it.

Less ammo. Fix the dodges. No more RV going commando with the 1911. (Similarly no coghammer on slayer, though I don’t find that to be as overbearingly strong as pistol on RV.)

As much as i am for this whole “weapons need at least semi unique roles for diversity” i am also in the camp that looks at stuff like Keri dual swords and goes like “this thing does 8 damage on a heavy vs a chaos warrior (250 health?) in cata, i wont use this if i am serious”.

So…yeah i do not think its really great when one or two weapons act like master keys but on the other hand niches and unique identities can be taken too far and render a weapon really bad. This because a weapon needs a degree of versatility for it work well! For instance the most prominent example of a niche taken too far that i can think of from the top off my head is Keri´s 1handed axe.

But then again versatility can also be pretty awful too, just looking at Keri´s 1h sword which kinda does everything but never really well which leaves you with this feeling…like something ought to work better than it does but it just doesn’t. Feel real bad.


Oh so much yes please!
Right now I love/hate the pistol. It’s such a cool weapon, but the delayed fire just ruins it for me.


100% agree!

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Kerillian sword is amazing, is just that basically almost all her oter weapons are broken so nobody uses it. If kruber had access to kerillian sword you would see people asking for nerfs.


to be fair pretty much all of Kerilian’s weapons barring the 1h axe would be bonkers on Kruber due to Krubs having access to much more stacked melee kits


I wouldn’t say that, at best, only mercenary melee kit can hold up to shade and handmaiden melee kit.

Handmaiden melee kit? O_O

Dodge distance, stamina regen, more dodging bonuses or alternatively health/ammo and the only interesting thing might be Asrai Alacrity which however still is pretty single target and thus limited for a big brawl.

Shade? Shade is basically not even a melee career because she does not “melee” with her opponents. Last i heard the metabuild was running “cloak of mist” with “vanish” and just deleting entire hordes with nonstop invisibility and crit fueled backstabs.

If she actually gets caught in a melee as in standing with her back to a wall and fighting she´ll lose any day compared to any Kruber that isn’t huntsman.

Mercenary, Grail knight and even Footknight seem to have more actual things to help out in a melee than either of the above two. Handmaiden just holds blocks and jumps around while Shade runs of to solo.


I see you underestimate Handmaiden.
I think you’re right about the rest though.

Well i might have gone a bit far there but point in case is that she has no actual steroids or even particular talents for anything except dodging&blocking unless we are talking Asrai Alacrity which if using say Spear and Shield is really good for anti elites. But only really that.

She can kill mobs with bladedancer and be a discount Shade with Laridelle but she has nothing else for melee that goes “thing that buffs her melee visibly”…sure dodging and blocking is great but it does not output the same power that say Mercenary or Grail Knight does.

Short CD dash and revive buff? Aye she helps recover a bit better than others but on the other hand she is less effective at preventing that from being needed.


Removing some stuff i wrote for going too far off topic, made a new thread with links below.

Oak Stance + Willow Stance = no steroid ?
Combine that with Glaive, Swift Slaying, +AS & crit on weapon and jewelry and you have a whopping 20% crit, +45% AS ; combine it with THP on cleave and you have an insane melee powerhouse with built-in BCR, dodge distance, and revive speed and a low cd ult that can either have utility with Gift of Ladrielle (to allow some special sniping mainly) or stupidly insane steroids with Power from Pain that push the crit chance to 45%.
For a weapon that’s basically an XSword, I think she’s really not lacking melee-wise.

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