The Masterwork Pistol does way too much damage

this thing is 1 shotting cata SV in the body with only enhanced power, 2 shotting maulers at 40% power vs+EP, Ranger vet can kill Chaos Warriors in a single clip with only 20% power vs+EP, idk the exact breakpoints for zerkers but this weapon shreds them too and I’m pretty sure I also 1 shot bestigors in the body with 20% power vs+EP. The monster damage it outputs is also bonkers

It needs a nerf to the damage numbers. Otherwise some tweaks/buffs to the firing delays and accuracy would be a good balance.


It’s really strong. There’s not much reason to use Handgun or Crossbow if it remains this good.

I’m still waiting for Zealot, BW and GK nerfs tho. :woman_shrugging:


handgun is still the better option for special sniping tbh, the pistol is very inaccurate and has rapid damage fall off. Also the trigger delay on the left click makes reacting to disablers pretty tricky, especially if under pressure

you won’t be one shotting much that’s more than 5 meters or so away from you. The problem is anything in Right Clicking distance gets absolutely dumpstered


Imo, the fire rate, clip size and accuracy are worthy of losing range.

You just gain too much outright damage compared to Handgun. You can spam Elites at a faster rate too, and not have to ADS on every shot.

Movement and how forgiving it is too.

You just named every downside to the weapon which justifies it’s damage.


I got hit in the back by 1 shot after engi bardin drank a strength potion.

Took 2/3 of my hp… That’s like BH ult FF…

And I was the Bounty Hunter :laughing:


No, it doesn’t. Any kind of elite that has the slightest inkling of getting near you is erased from existence. Not 1-shotting SV at the 6 meter range doesn’t mean that being able to do opposite at 5 meters is suddenly all fine and dandy. And, the right-click seems accurate enough that hooks and assassins do not need to be shot from too close.

This weapon cannot be murdering everything so efficiently. Either decrease the ammo pool, as Incan suggested; tweak the firing delay, or decrease its damage.


there’s literally no justification for a weapon that can rapidly fire 6 shots being able to 1 shot any given elite below a CW

Only on alt fire. I can hit targets far away pretty damn easily with left click. Power creep weapon imo.


I can hit targets pretty far with the left click but the damage fall off comes in pretty hard, 2-3 left clicks to kill something far away that a handgun would kill in 1 isn’t a good comparison point is all I’m saying. Especially since multiple left clicks takes some time

I agree it’s power creep-y though just by virtue of the absurd damage values


36 shot ammo handgun with a 6 shot clip size, a rapid fire mode, 99 dodges (a Dwarf weapon shouldn’t even have 99 dodges) and it’s only weaknesses are a delay on firing and distant damage drop off. Just from testing in the keep it’s about half damage at a reasonable range so it seems like it’s going to be 2 shots most of the time.

Handgun aim time is pretty comparable to shot charge/wind up with this. It’s slower, but not by all that much, and it’s way more accurate than the Handgun is while moving. It’s charge speed seems to be improved by attack speed, so while under Swift Slaying + 5% on trinket (Edit: Charm sorry, not Trinket) it’s not particularly slow.

Edit: IB will have less ammo but still 24 shots.


wait wait hold up it has 99 dodges???

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It does. I was kiting a Chaos Spawn and horde + multiple disabler specials on AtG like I was WHC with BoP (it has the same dodge distance as BoP at 1.25 as well).

high dodge bonus makes sense…I guess but 99 dodges is just silly


I don’t see why you think the weapon is good against CW, 6 ammo to kill a CW and a full ult doesnt sound efficient nor “fast” to justify what you’re trying to say.

I agree on the other parts but i still think that the “charge up mechanic” kinda balance it against specials since it doesnt allow you to kill a special as fast as you react (especialy assassins at mid or even close range in some cases).

Its elite killing power is pretty good (the alternative fire mod against SV is kinda unbalanced if you ask me).


I think it’s his strongest ranged weapon right now, but not by so large a margin that it is overpowered.

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It does, but the charging time is quite the downside. I need to play it more, but I like the design. It gives us a very powerful option with distinct disadvantages (either you take the time to charge the shot or you say goodbye to accuracy. It’s got no great option for mid-long range sniping)

I don’t really mind it bodyshotting SV within its fairly limited effective range, but it should probably require more power investment to do it. If its damage was reduced so you needed like 20% power + EP to reach the SV bodyshot BP it’d probably be fine enough. It does have decently noticeable drawbacks. I don’t think it’s even a meta pick for Engi but it’s probably a bit much with RV at the moment.

Could probably also afford to have, like, 4 less base ammo but probably not that and the damage nerf combined, I dunno maybe I’m being overly conservative here.

I’ve been running it with swift slaying on my melee weapon, 5% attack speed on Charm and 10.0% attack speed from the talent Superior Gaskets talent. It doesn’t feel slow with this setup. Already do enough ranged damage so the ranged dps talents on that row are easy to give up.

Kind of an insane thing to say really. What game are we playing again? It’s not meta for Engineer because the Handgun got mindlessly overbuffed in the BBB and because of the Drakegun obliterating hordes as usual.

Bardin already has pretty good melee options against stormvermin. The main advantage this adds for Bardin is strength against plague monks.

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