The Great Weaves Feedback Thread (Season 3 edition - NEW AND AWESOME ! 50% DISCOUNT ON NEW REPLIES)

Well, indeed, this is a point that could be discussed, but this should not be the central point on the feedback thread for weaves on “how to enhance weaves” =p
I do agree on giving whatever to s1 players as long as thoses rewards cycles back, and this is a point I won’t change. Completionnists that comes late should be able to complete the same stuff than others players (as in Monster Hunter Worlds, or even Diablo 3).
Now on weaves themselves, I do think that the current winds effects are not important enough to create “another meta” on each wind.

Well how i see it is that they should just start slapping and mixing winds together to create some combinations. Say Shadow/metal/Heavens in 1 run might already be challenging enough without tweaking the effects themselves.

I think they could leave the QP more or less as it is (maybe giving extra rewards) as it provides the “endless experience” they aimed for - unless you happen to really love cata 2 and 3, but most of the players I know just do ranked for the frames.
So “QP weaves” would become the regular weaves, and I’d completely remove the current ranked system in place of something completely different. (why? because it’s impossible to get a group, unless you look for a group outside the game, like on discord, which imo is silly, since most of the people playing the game use qp instead of premade groups. And also because 120+ weaves every 3 months is too much to ask - again, imho)
I’d do something entirely different with the weaves, like 8 kinda-fortunes-of-war challenge maps, one for each wind. It would still be challenging, but less grindy, and it would lend itself better to a storyline, say, having oleysa’s lines when you progress, and finishing the map would mean you have stabilized that wind for the season. assuming you’d keep seasons in place, which i’m not too fond of, but hey.
Or they could do something else, like having normal game maps, ravaged by the winds. you can choose them from a separate queue, like the weekly event.
Basically, anything but the current system. I cannot be arsed to go outside the game to find a group, honestly.

In diablo there’s this thing like “Weekly Rift”, where you’re given a hero with specific equipment, and you must complete the challenge in less time than the guy who’ve done it. Could probably be adapted.

Ah, this reminds me for another idea I had at one point (would still prefer Weave Boards personally).

In my opinion the ranked Weaves should stay as they are more interesting than Weave quickplay. However, we still have the problem with accessibility of the Weaves. I don’t think we have to many Weaves or to time-consuming as a dedicated team can get them done in a week or two. However, for people who usually play public games getting a game for the Weave they are stuck at, is difficult.

As such it might be an interesting idea to unlock the Ranked Weaves in a Weekly manner. Let us say a season takes about 4 months which is about 16 weeks. Let’s keep the principle of each map coming in three difficulty layers (1-32, 33-64, 65-96). So each week we would get six Ranked Weaves, two per difficulty, coming to a new total of 96. Ranked Weaves of the past weeks can still be played by chosen them like now. Also, as these are different difficulties but basically the “same map” completing Weave 65 should count as completing 33 and 1 as well (similar to Champion skins when you beat the map on Legend). Also, you can play the “Weekly Weave” independently if you failed at earlier Weaves or not.

Why so complicated you ask? To create focus. Currently playership is split in Weave progress over all Weaves getting worse the longer the season takes. With the weekly release of just two Weaves per difficulty you would create a focus on these Weaves which should make finding games for the weekly Weave easier. Also you are not standing in front of 120 Weaves to be completed which can appear overwhelming but just 2 at a time appears to be more reasonable. For a pre-made group this would mean 30 minutes per week. For more failing public groups it would be 1-2 hours.
With the gradual release people from premade teams may also be more motivated to help other players for the weekly Weave (not sure on this one). From FS perspective people would also have a reason to return each week, similar to the Weekly quests, instead of groups just binging the whole content in 2 days. For groups who still prefer this approach they can do this at the end of the season.

So to summarize:

Suggestion: Gradual, weekly release of Ranked Weaves
Advantages: Creates focus on weekly Weaves accessible for all WoM players and eases access for non-premade Group players; Weaves appear less overwhelming in numbers; acquisation of Athenor appears less grindy because you get it naturally over the rest of the week by playing adventure mode; leaderboard would develop more organically
Disadvantages: We have to wait longer to receive the full content => no rushing ahead, binging of all Weaves by dedicated pre-made groups

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I really like this idea. I only play Quickplay or with bots. I played about 45 weaves in the first couple of weeks of season one and then abandoned ranked weaves entirely because matchmaking became impossible. In season 2 and 3 I got the qp weave portrait and then promptly stopped playing because you keep getting put back into weaves you have already completed and they are boring because it’s all scripted content you have seen before.

The only thing I would suggest is letting pre-made teams play ranked weaves at any pace they like but have a “ranked quick play” system for a few different weaves every week so that people that only play public games can have a reasonable chance of getting a full group, and over the span of a season have the chance to matchmake into all the weaves.

I don’t have anything new to say. The fact that ranked weave season rewards can’t be earned through quickplay makes this mode completely useless to the vast majority of the playerbase.

When are the developers going to add bot support to private weaves?

As someone who picked up the V2 bundle in the last Steam sale, it seems weird to me that while the rest of the game is very enjoyable playing solo with bots, there is one entire DLC that is borderline unplayable (other than a single new map), while solo.

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There IS bot support for Quick Play Weaves. Ranked are another thing since there are different rankings if you go on solo, 2, 3 or 4.

And Quick Play Weaves are inherently multiplayer, aren’t they?

The bots only fill in for spots when other players aren’t available?

Is there anyway to lock a Quick Play Weave into being single-player (+bots) only?

Yeah like normal quick play.
You can host your own, and once in game make it private. (while waiting for a better option)

I can’t believe that weaves still do not count towards the 100 games progression. Beyond weird.

Did not work to make it private for me when I was in-game, are you sure it should work?

Dunno. I actually play with people. (If I want to solo I usually choose others ‘solo’ games)
If it doesn’t work then yeah it could be added.
But it seems they are reworking weaves.

mm ye i also play with people usually, but playing 40 incredible boring qp weaves on recruit is not very attractive for the people I play with :slight_smile: and I’d rather have OP bots than randoms.

Yeah, the way I did the quickplay missions was to force host with the quickplay host mod and just be really diligent about kicking people. With the new block system in place, you can also block them after kicking and they won’t quickplay in to your games again.

Just remember to unblock those players when you’re done.