The game isn't nearly as bad as people are making it out to be

The gameplay is solid, environmental design is solid, weapons are solid, map variety is solid, sound design is excellent, animations are pretty good (excellent on the revolver), graphical quality is solid, dialogue could be better but not terrible, teamwork mechanics are solid, character playstyle variety is solid, the list goes on

That’s a lot of positives! Now let’s see the negatives:
From least bad to most bad,
Microtransactions/paid dlc in an already paid to play game
The music

Sure, it’s not great that these negatives exist but nothing is perfect. Fatshark is only human after all, and they ARE a business that needs to keep the lights running and has mouths to feed. It doesn’t help that as time goes on the bar for what is expected out of a game gets set steadily higher and higher (depending on which crowd you’re trying to cater to, of course), and with rising expectations come rising upfront expenses. But hey! Fatshark gets a lot more right than they got wrong, so let’s cut them some slack, yeah?


The gear progression is terrible. Free cosmetics barely exist. Classes are pretty basic and virtually the same as VT2. Weapon balance is all over the shop. All of the hubs mechanical design is awful, all of it. Crafting is barely in the game and improves on 0% of VT2s systems. Game crashes constantly for some people and is poorly optimised. The game is designed to waste your time in the most obvious ways possible, just to boost their popularity/playtime metrics.

These are almost all problems that have been solved in their previous games or that they’ve introduced intentionally by design.


It’s missing crafting mechanics and isn’t completely balanced when it comes to Penances in what comes off as a way to force people into the cash shop.

The issues are there and glaring you just haven’t noticed them because they aren’t things you care about and that’s totally fine. You’re allowed to enjoy the game, but objectively it’s unfinished and unpolished in many many areas that shouldn’t be at this “Release” stage.


How? When I’m leveling a new character and visit the store every few missions all the numbers go up. Getting perks on top of that is just gravy. Not like it matters much anyway, I decided to keep the noob shovel my veteran started off with just to take it into heresy and damnation for giggles and nobody can even tell that it’s the noob shovel. I’m both pleasantly surprised at how viable it is and disappointed that it’s viable enough for there to be zero humor in “trying to make it work” at those difficulties. I’m sad now that I didn’t also keep my original lasgun or any of the low level revolvers I bought while leveling him.

Meh, not something I care about

Won’t argue with that but the meat of the game for me is in the teamwork and reviving.

What do you mean. I see all weapons being used and they all seem to be able to contribute just fine.

Walking past sir melk is annoying but not game breaking for me

Good I hate crafting lol. Ruined warframe for me.

Turning off ray-tracing fixed 99% of the performance issues I had, including crashes. Real time rt is still a meme tech anyway, no matter how good it looks (and it does look good in this game).

The only way I can agree to this is the fact there is no option to hop into a game from the esc menu, so you have to run to the mission hub. Sure, but not a huge deal for me.

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Yeah no I visited sir melk once and decided he should be completely ignored. I still accidently complete penance at a good pace just by playing the game and enjoying myself. I’m sure in a couple months when I decide to visit his shop again I’ll be surprised at what I can buy. I’ve always seen “achievement hunting” in videogames as a rat race sort of deal.


I’m guessing you didnt play much VT2? Darktide isnt as bad in a vacuum, but in comparison to fatsharks most recent game the differences in design intent are stark and disheartening.


No, I haven’t. Not a fan of fantasy themed stuff.

Ah, I am aware that even in vermintide 2 there is still a premium cosmetics shop, despite vm2 also being a pay to play game. Not a good look Imo

Dismissing legitimate complaints because it’s not something you care about, OK


I just don’t think they’re a big deal.

The loot grind in VT2 was relatively linear, it didnt take you potentially forever just to get a weapon with max stats and the perks you want. Sure you dont need max stat gear, but it helps with breakpoints and build variety is a lot of players endgame. Fatshark have extended the equipment grind without making gear any more interesting, its just now far harder to try different optimised builds for no reason other than to waste the players time.

Exactly the same thing with gear acquisition. Instead of playing the game to get gear, you’re intended to sit around the shop and log in regularly to check for good gear. All the while staring at other players and their shiny premium cosmetics.

They’ve developed an inherently worse version of VT2s gear system with absolutely no stated intention behind any of it other than to increase their playtime metrics and to get you to buy premium cosmetics.


That should give anyone who isn’t a sucker a nice ego boost though. To the rest of your post, sure, you’ve made the case that the design is less player friendly compared to whatever vm2 had, but maybe what fatshark was looking at that made them decide to go this way was that whatever players were giving them before while they had goodwill just wasn’t cutting it in the long run. Maybe it wasn’t greed, but necessity that encouraged them to go down this path. I could see that with how vm2 looks like a triple A game just in terms of content and graphics but the playerbase in comparison is absolutely tiny. Perhaps it just wasn’t enough.

It’s mostly passable until you hit 30, where many start to try and align their class build with their choice of weapon. Once that happens, progression grinds to a halt. Before that, the RNG store does promote experimentation with different weapons, which is something I really like.


Cope harder I guess? Like I’m glad you are enjoying it but the game is miserable compared to VT2 and its competitors like DRG. Some people like getting shafted by greedy companies, most people don’t.


Not a bait post, i might disagree with OP on some things they talk about but its not just bait posting


Oh you seem to have missed some negatives: Limited missions and selectability, missing story, missing weapon balance, some are just useless, others are overtuned, lackluster character builds, boring perks, only 4 classes, missing weapon customisation, meaningless character customisation, no quality of life like shared inventory, at least for currency, between your characters, missing ability to play solo, missing crafting, missing progression after level 30 only through very limited rng shop.

You are right about the positives, animations, moment to moment play, athmosphere are there. it’s only missing the things that make a game actually a game and not a tech demo.


mission variety is fine, “missing” selectability?

this is your way of saying you dont find them fun i assume, because none of the weapons are useless.

overtuned in what way?

personal opinion

personal opinion


meaningless assessment

“more more more”

ill give you that one

is it missing or not?

if we’re going to do this can i complain about missing spaceship battles with newtonion physics too? how about missing titans to pilot? no sisters of battle dating simulator?


Yes it is.
Crashing game = negative review.


The most egregious one: The servers are awful. Have fun when your entire horde stops reacting to your melee swings or your gun phantom fires 3 times in a row, or you go to swap to your melee at 100 peril as psyker only for it to roll back your weapon swap so you fire your staff instead and explode.

Assuming this isn’t just a troll thread, which I assume it is. Might as well try to make use of it.


ah true they could be better

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