The future of Darktide is vague (a transparency issue)

They are subject to the laws of any country they choose to sell their product in.

Not sure what you were getting at, though. My post simply said that if there was a law that could bring FS to trial (which I don’t believe there is, re my previous post about laws regarding entertainment and software), in such a trial their internal communications would be required to be provided as evidence, and in such a case I believe it would be easy and obvious to prove they are engaged in false marketing intentionally.

Lots of if’s and buts, though.


It’s crazy to me how it’s been two years now and they’re still dragging their feet on reworking critical components that have been affecting both player satisfaction and retention. It should not take years to make progress towards: reworking crafting, give us a campaign, let us choose maps with modifiers.


I agree that could be the case if they actually had malicious intent to mislead. Its amazing how malicious people often record their intent in private emails, messages, memos etc. The issue is bringing it to court in the first place. Lots of ifs and buts indeed.

Im right with you here. Iv grown jaded and have no real hope at this moment in time. Just a fools hope :face_with_peeking_eye:

I dont even think Ross is going to succeed, but I pray to all but the chaos gods that he does!

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Yes absolutely

Will it happen? no, cause FS fails at communicating and badly…

This is obvious that they don’t communicate enough (except if they just want that this game dies), but no matter what you could say, they don’t want to communicate…

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Aw man. Ross’s campaign was eye opening. In one of his videos he showcases how I don’t have digital rights in America.

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No you don’t.
Consumer protection laws exist to protect the consumer, not to determine guilt.

““EU consumer protection laws are designed to ensure that consumers are treated fairly and provided with accurate information to make informed decisions. As such, companies are expected to exercise due diligence and take necessary measures to comply with these laws, regardless of whether any violations were intentional.””

““However, in some instances where a violation was genuinely unintentional and the company can demonstrate that it took reasonable steps to prevent it, regulatory authorities or courts may take that into consideration when determining the appropriate response or penalty. Factors such as the nature and extent of the violation, any harm caused to consumers, and the company’s response to the incident may also influence the outcome.””

the only thing really vague in this case would be how impactful those claims are in causing problems or poor decisions from consumers

doesn’t matter, if you sell a product in a country, you have to adhere to the laws in that country.

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Hey, Im often wrong so there is probably light at the end of the tunnel.

If only it worked how it should :neutral_face:. If it did, Apple would get burtfnukkd on a regular basis. As it is, they pay a fine here, lobby a bit there and back to business as usual.


the thing is in many cases, best you can hope for is a refund.

The gift card industry exists simply because you can sell a product without giving out that product, and each time a gift card expires or is lost or simply forgotten about, you get one product worth of free income, that’s why it can be cheaper than the actual product.

Same vein with false advertising, if you trick that much more people, who won’t claim legal refunds
than you would have with an honest advertising, you still make more profit while breaking the law.

In Germany, we have a saying “wo kein kläger da kein richter” wich means
no accuser, no judge. it kinda means that you can get away with alot as long as you don’t get caught


I actually feel like this isn’t too hard. If you look at all the people who bought Darktide when crafting wasn’t implemented, and they released the dev blog that pulled hesitant investors in, or prevented people from getting a refund and willing to invest more time into it.

For me personally I absolutely would have refunded the game if I could have when they finally implemented crafting, or, I never would have purchased it had the systems been like that from the get-go.

One could reach out to all people prior to the crafting implementation when what they claimed to implement as a product to consumers ended up being the exact opposite.

The same could likely be said of solo mode being promised by a certain date and then not delivering. Steam news posts are advertisements, and that information was shared there to anyone following the game and having it in their wishlist, choosing whether to buy it or not.

I am sure one could get purchase date times and send emails/polls to users.

If this wasn’t a video game, I think you absolutely could make a legal case. If this was a car, or a blender, or an automatic curtain rod, etc. you would probably have a good case. I just think digital content and video games has a lot more legal apathy. Which, to be fair, it is low stakes as a priority. And its nature is more dynamic and fluid.


That would actually make for a strong case if someone wanted to sue for false advertisement. If you bought a product on the promise of a feature like “solo” mode being available but two years later the feature still isn’t there, nor are there any plans of it materializing; then you can make a good strong case for this.


Well, I had to find a German saying that and put it in a song as a sample! Cheers :wink:


Seems like the only thing we don’t have is combining blessings. Everything else is there from what I can tell.

Do you mean choose modifiers on chosen maps?

If that is what you’re talking about, that’d break the immersion for me. Why would rejects have the ability to choose what their mission will be like from the list of available missions? That sounds weird.

I think the collapse in player numbers would be proof of that.

You only have to look at the thread regarding list to see the number players that have left siting this reason why they have left.

It screams of head.buried.sand.

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Why do you constantly lie?

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I might ask you the same question.

I said "Seems like the only thing we don’t have is combining blessings. Everything else is there from what I can tell.

C’est la vie.

Why are you lying so much?

“The nature of randomization and repetitive actions sometimes seen within crafting is something that we are steering to avoid in the crafting system within Darktide. Meaningful choices will be made with strategy and goals behind them, as you set your eyes upon that perfect combination of melee and ranged weapons for your class.”

Randomization and repetitive actions… Steering to avoid - Exactly how have we not got this, when every aspect of crafting generated randomly and repetitively. Buying 10, 20 or 30 weapons at time in the hope you may get 1 that is worth upgrading, then perks are garbage and blown money and resources, rinse and repeat… Apart from two token choices at the end.

So blatant lie number 1

Meaningful choices will be made with strategy and goals behind them - Exactly how is burning through 1 million + Ordocks and 10’000’s of resource on the roulette table what they claim here?

So blatant lie number 2

that perfect combination of melee and ranged weapons for your class. - What is “perfect” about having two weapons that have blessings, modifiers, and perk you are not happy with.

So blatant lie number 3

And that is one paragraph… Of course you will rabbit on like fan boi on heat, suffering from severe Stockholm Syndrome crying that it is open to interpretation… But nah…

Ya just a sad pathetic liar…


“Blatant” lie #1:
Meaningful* choices will be made with strategy and goals behind them.

Just because you have differing definitions of what “meaningful choices” are, doesn’t make it a lie. Provided there isn’t something else you want to add and this is the text you’re working with, it sounds like you got on a hype train for something that wasn’t confirmed. Is there something else you want to attach and move the goalposts for this point? And even so, how does that make ME a liar if I am interpreting the text differently. Is this a situation where everyone who disagrees with you is a liar?

“Blatant” lie #2

that perfect* combination of melee and ranged weapons for your class.

All you had to do was stop there. But, you filled in the definition for them. Congratulations, you put words in their mouths and attacked them for it. Isn’t that a strawman?

Is… what? You writing this?

Because that’s really not an accusation of a lie. I’m wondering if you’re really tired or under the influence of something. You might benefit from ChatGPT if you’re having issues.

I actually wish I could remove my flag so I could troubleshoot one way to talk to you since using the reporting system for abuse by you over the forums doesn’t seem to do anything, and I’m not the sort to ignore people as that would be complete censorship. Knowing you, you’ll claim that me flagging you is censorship, out of some misplaced appeal to extremes, no doubt… But I haven’t tried one thing and I think once I have then I’ll be out of options. Throwing it back at you.

You’re a self-righteous keyboard warrior wanting to throw blame at everyone else except admitting your own faults with the exception to do so by token gesture. Judging from these “Blatant Lies” and your lack of coherency (I mean it could also be a language barrier, at which point you’re really barking up the wrong tree). Anyone who disagrees with you is a liar, and if someone wants to resort to more civil ways in handling your toxic behavior, rather than respect them for their decisions you decide to tear them a new one because you can’t handle being held accountable for your actions.

If I could remove the flag I put on your response, I would. So, I expect this to get flagged and remove as well. In fact, I’ll do it myself for moderation so that it’s equal, ye? Not that you care, nor do I expect you to. (That’s the self-righeous part again)


Cerebrophage is the new Jackal :memo: