The friendly AI is a little too strong

Now, granted, I may not know if they’re all that and a bag of chips on difficulties higher than recruit, but even then for people on recruit the AI just make the game a little less fun than it is. They take all the kills on special enemies and just kind of kill everything in sight with the accuracy of a Navy Seal sniper. Maybe they should be dummed down and a little less accurate? Dunno, just felt I should say this. Also I think there should be a setting to turn off bots in a game cause sometimes you just don’t want bots.

Dude… Recruit is like… Easier than the prologue. Obviously everything is going to trivialize the easiest training-wheels difficulty. I agree we should be able to turn bots off though.


Not talking about enemy AI, I specified friendly AI.

I know but they aren’t anything special and if someone’s “losing” to them they need more practice still, regardless of difficulty. Especially considering they use your gear, so if someone is that new they’re losing to bots that are at power level 10.


I know? This topic isn’t about enemy AI though. The enemy AI is perfectly fine, dare I say really good. But the friendly AI (the bots helping you) are too OP.

Problem is, bots are literally Chris Kyle and will headshot powerful enemies from across the continent.

No one is talking about enemy ai. I’m talking about if the friendly ai is beating you to kills, they really shouldn’t be. The friendly ai is very, very bad.


The bow lady one taps enemies from five kilometers away and has a one millisecond reaction time. What do you mean they’re not good?

I mean you should be doing better than they are. Everything but Legend is a training difficulty and if someone is losing to their bots, especially when those bots aren’t even geared yet, that’s just a sign more training is needed.


It’s hard not to have less kills than bots when they again, one tap enemies from five kilometers away with the accuracy of Chris Kyle and have one millisecond reaction time. It’s not a matter of gear or training, it’s a matter of bots being too accurate, too quick and noticing enemies from too far away.

I can almost guarantee that “1ms” reaction time you’re referring to is them “reacting” to things a human player should have noticed and dealt with ages ago, regardless of distance. The only job that should be having the bots kill things before it can is slayer w ambients but that’s why it’s locked at lvl 12 so people have a general idea of the game before they can use it.


You´ll grow in your skill and you´ll notice, that the bots are fine and probably better than the most players, but still not human. On higher difficulties, they´re just useful as tanks and if you know, “how to play with them”. Be glad you got them and no toxic/useless mates. ^^

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It’s really strange to hear someone suggesting that the allied bot AI is too good.

If anything, a lot of players would argue that they aren’t good enough.

In some encounters, they make poor decisions, or the AI outright breaks.

If you feel they’re far too good at killing enemies, it won’t be the case if you proceed to higher difficulties.


The bots (friendly AI) are renowned for being almost useless on the higher difficulties, and there are many asking for them to be improved.


IF you’re playing at recruit, make a little jump up to Veteran and play with some slightly higher level people. There are often people level 30 with 600 power gear playing at Vet who can shoot minuscule things in the distance…and get a headshot (especially good Huntsman)

The bots, with the right weapons CAN deal with specials quite quickly one at a time, but once you get to higher difficulties and specials spawn two or three at a time with a horde and a chaos spawn happy-slapping you about you’ll begin to curse the bots for their incompetence.

If it is really spoiling the play for you, I suppose you could handicap the friendly bots by giving them weapons that are bad at dealing with specials at range…

Off topic, but @Fatshark_Hedge …OP’s forum name? A badly spelt version of the worst word in English swearing.

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Try legend, the bots are idiotic, worthless walking health potions for chaos spawns that you have to babysit them through the map.

Why even comment about recruit difficulty, the game is not balanced around it, that we can all be thankful for.


Is this a meme thread?


Well, I agree with you but the “Everything but Legend is a training difficulty” part is a little too much. I have played hundreds of hours on that difficulty but I also enjoy playing on Champion and helping my friends on lower difficulties when they are leveling up. What I’m saying is that everybody has their own preferred way of playing, so we shouldn’t be saying what difficulty is the “real” difficulty and such.

Every difficulty below the highest difficulty is training for the highest difficulty.

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I don’t agree with this mindset. I can see how it makes sense, of course, but this mindset implies that everybody should be able to play on Legend or strive to play on Legend at some point - that’s simply not true for most players.