Ai(bot) ranged attacks for improvement

Hi there. Bought the game on Xbox and oh boy I’m having a lot of fun. This game is a super improvement from the first game so big Kudos for that.
Anyway I do have some suggestions for the Ai or bot. Sure the bots are a huge step in the right way compared to the first one but the bots do have some issues. Especially on higher difficulty or and against bosses.
Ofc I’m aware of power level is a factor so ranking them up is key yes. But still. Here are my suggestions.

  1. The bots don’t use their ranged weapons as much or skills. Sure on regular or veteran they do fire now and then and they are okay against special mobs… But On higher they pretty much never use ranged. Even against specials and they certainly never do it against bosses.

  2. Like I said they never use ranged against bosses. Especially the Chaos spawns witch requires you to keep the distance. They charge in and get grapped when they just as easily could have used some ranged attacks to get it down. That can be a problem but also against other bosses and swarms. They should use range more frequently especially if they are standing far from the fight.

  3. On higher difficulty like champion or higher they pretty much NEVER use range or skills… Perhaps this is due to avoid friendly fire. But I have noticed even with perfect clear shots they barely use range. It can really be a problem. Especially when they can’t catch the enemy. Then they do nothing but being cannon fodder. I recommend that when playing with bots that they don’t get the friendly fire penalty so that they will use range more… It is fine for the player cause we can think faster, but Bots should just be allowed to fire away. They are not players after all.

  4. Can we please get an option to pick our bots. Sure the last sub class you played will be played with the bots. But why can’t I chose to bring my mage with me instead of the Elf or Marcus etc etc. I have never played a solo game where the mage was with me. Dat is racist hahaha okay kidding. But you know ;).

Anyway I’m sure a few more tweaks here and there could improve the bots but the most game breaking is the lack of no range attacks and skills. Especially on higher difficulty and against bosses… please consider that at least… The bots are huge improvement no doubt but there is always room for more.
And I know the game is best with real players but some of us do like solo. And they need a buff with the ranged attacks. They seem almost afraid to shoot.
Anyway thx for reading and thx for a fun game:)

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