The design of ammo boxes is unintuitive

I think Payday does it the same way, with health pack and ammo pack having a set number of uses

Though as I remember the packs have a way to show how many use they still have, not sure though

And in just the same way, one charge of the ammo box gives you 100% ammo. Neither of the three care if your ammo is at 99% or at 0%. They try to restore the same amount every time and if some ammo would be left over, they are gone anyway.

Correct. Which makes sense because the number of charges on a medicae station is not always identical and because medicae stations do not disappear after a certain time, so they have to be managed properly.
If you suddenly lose health in an unexpected way, you might want to go back and use the medicae station then, but ammo is far less valuable and it usually makes sense to just use the ammo box right away, when it is deployed. So everyone fills their ammo and that‘s it. No charge indicator required (although it wouldn‘t hurt).

Correct. And no matter if they restore as much health/ammo as they potentially could, their 1 charge will be consumed. Just like each use of the medicae station or the ammo box consumes one of their charges.

Not sure what you mean.
That is just how it is.

Aside from the ammo box not having a charge indicator, the medicae station, ammo box and ammo pickups work pretty much as intuitively as they can.
And the missing charge indicator only means that you have to look 1-2 extra times until you understand that the box always has 4 charges. In practice, it does not make a difference.
Making the changes as suggested by OP, would result in nobody understanding how exactly it works.

DRG solved that problem. Probably without even giving it much thought.


I doesn’t always have 4 charges.
Because there is no indicator about the number of charges, you don’t know if someone took one charge or double-dipped, so you, intuitively take one charge even though you are half-full with ammo (because why not), only to realize that that was the last charge and your Vet in the team just emptied his last clip.

And this happens even though you completely know how the box works.

This. Given the compartimented visual of the box interior I don’t understand why they didn’t coded it so the ammo would progressively disapear from it with each charge taken, like a quater every time so you know if the other have already got their share or not.

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When you drop the box it always has 4 charges, it is true that you don’t see if there 1 to 4 charge left, but each box start at 4 charges

Yes, so the only time you know how many charges it has is that one second when it’s dropped.
Basically, you don’t know how many charges there are 99% of the time.

Not sure about Payday1, but in Payday2, it works on percentages, not charges, and you can see approximately how much ammo is left.
link: How do ammo bags work? [PAYDAY 2] - YouTube

If you are fine and someone else is completely out of ammo, you might want to wait for them to take their charge, just to be safe.
In a perfect world, this should be unnecessary because everyone would usually take one charge, but if you see people double dipping often, you can leave your charge for someone who needs it more, just in case.

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You are right, that’s unheard of.

Yes, absolutely. The egoistic ones are imo much more rare, and the stupid ones (like me, I guess, since I also double-dipped before, as I’ve said) will intuitively see both how it works and how many charges there are so I can skip that charge in case someone was either egoistic or ultra-stupid.