Ammo pickup & sharing mechanic

I have done many runs with people who just runs around sucking up any ammo pickup they see, no matter how much they need it or if someone else needs them more.

I suggest a little tweak that would add a hold-down-button on pickups if they would refill more ammo than what the player is missing.

So, if 2 people get up to an ammo pack, the person who’d use it more efficiently would pick it up with a single press, while the one who would kind of waste it would have to hold the button for 2 seconds.


So you’re saying it not happening? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you never know, but I wouldn’t expect it to personally

I think feeling starved for ammo is part of the fun. Hoovering ammo is another thing bad teammates can do to throw a match (just like charging ahead, hanging back without being able to manage disablers, throwing medpacks down in front of stations, ignoring pings, not pinging the 3 crushers that spawned behind the group to bully them, etc. etc.), but I like that it’s part of the game.

I’m actually loving the new med/ammo pack crunch that was just introduced…makes me really think about conserving ammo. Another layer of complexity yum.

This game is mostly played with a public random group, we can’t expect the fun to be predicated on every single player to not only KNOW how he’s supposed to behave or what the other classes need, but also ABIDE by those rules and not abuse them to grief.

Hell is other people!

There are ways to mitigate bad players (including pushing into high-level play), but I’m fairly certain the general consensus is that folks don’t want the game to be made easier, which I think giving players more flexibility/utility with ammo would definitely do.

What are even talking about?

This mechanic would change nothing for high-end players while making it better for low-end ones. It’s literally a QoL change, not only for those who already do this, but a learning tool for those who dont’t.
It certainly would not change the amount of ammo in the game.

You being against it only makes you pass for an elitist.

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Y’know what, you’re right! I misread and misunderstood what you meant regarding the functionality of this!

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Yeah, I wouldn’t mind something like this.

A lot of times I feel bad because running enhanced UI tells you how much ammo you replenish vs what’s wasted.

I’m hoping to see a visual improvement for deployable boxes as well. Even a simple 4/4 or 2/4 to know if it has extra charges when Psykers are around to avoid accidentally double dips or something.

I will say sometimes partly timing, maybe lag, is when two people try to open a crate at the same time, and one person opens it, and the other person unknowingly interacts with whatever is in there, crafting mats, ammo, grenades, etc.

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Yeah, that happenes too.

I always feel so guilty when I’m playing a melee build and I accidentally pick up an ammo bag to refill 1 bullet…

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