Ammo - Make it shared, or make it more common

Vermintide 1 and 2 were obviously melee focused games. As a result, the ammo was kept for emergencies or given to the ranged focused classes, like huntsman.

Fatshark clearly wants 40k to have a bigger emphasis on ammo, which I can agree with. But there’s a problem. The current ammo system encourages the worst-aiming players (who burn through their ammo faster) to sprint ahead, leaving the team behind to open up all the crates and take the drops from themselves.

This 1) leaves nothing for the rest of the team and 2) gets them killed, thus wasting the ammo they did steal from the rest of the team. Without any major systems to specifically discourage this kind of behavior, I can only see two easy tweaks to try and make this less frustrating before launch.

Make it shared, like borderlands 2 did in 2012. If this makes ammo too easy to get, either reduce the original pickup, or make it share only part of what the person picking it up gets.

Or, make ammo more common. Payday 2 has a system where enemies drop it, which would encourage players to actually kill the horde instead of baiting their team to run ahead to take everything from crates. Alternatively, increase the chances that a box will spawn with ammo.


Does not look like a problem to me.
It seems you want to make the game easier by catering to bad players.
Bad players run ahead and die - good. Maybe they learn something.


I would like the ammo consuming classes, so currently sharpshooter, to maybe get that as part of their base perks - get 10% of an ammo pack when someone else picks it up.
Other than that, it’s difficult - can’t balance the game about too bad players.

I also kinde disagree. I think it is imoportant to have to make a decission on how to use ressources during the run. Picking up ammo needs an evaluation of the situation and i like this.

I’d be okay with shared ammo pickups, mostly because herding cats is a nuisance and ammo economy is only a problem on particularly spendy weapons like a flamethrower, Bolter, or some of the actually-just-terrible autoguns. For the most part it’s just not a real issue so adding quality of life isn’t really a serious concern to me.

Call it catering to bad players, making the game easier, yada yada. Ammo being more common won’t make it easier to pull out a gun when the horde is pressing in on you. Mind, compared to Vermintide, this game doesn’t have friendly fire beyond blocking bullets, so I really don’t subscribe to the concept of the game being made easier due to more ammo availability. It could be unlimited and I really doubt the game would seriously get that much easier than its current brutal difficulty just due to the overwhelming firepower of the enemy.

I just don’t treat these systems as sacred or mandatory. And while ammo economies serve a place in some games, Darktide doesn’t seem to be a game where economy is particularly important.

Just make it shared, seems an Ogryn with yellow ammo picking a full refill of ammo is just sad.

Ogryn deserves ammo, but you can end up with no ammo as a Vet if you are unlucky finding it.